The Best Running Routes in Lima, Peru

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23 March 2018

Lima is not, at first glance, the best city in the world for pedestrians and runners. A typical Lima day is filled with bumper-to-bumper traffic that can come to a screeching stop, and when the traffic clears, drivers can fly into speeding rages. There are seemingly no times of day and no places that are suitable for running while in Lima – but really, you just need to know where to look.

Miraflores Malecón

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Miraflores | © ygrrr / Pixabay
Without a doubt, this is the best places to run in Lima, and the most runner-friendly. The boardwalk snakes around the Miraflores cliffside, running through some of the most beautiful parks in the city. Along the boardwalk, you won’t have to cross any streets or deal with Lima’s traffic. You’ll only have to watch out for the occasional biker. In addition to being the most runner-friendly place in the city, this is one of the most beautiful and desirable places in all of Lima. A great time to run is in the evening, so you can watch the sun descend over the Pacific Ocean.
Lima | © Art DiNo

Along the coast

Just below the cliff and the Miraflores’ Malecón are Lima’s beaches. They range from sandy to rocky, so running through them isn’t ideal. However, there is a path that runs parallel with the freeway running along the coastline that makes for a perfect route for runners. You’ll follow the freeway at times, and then follow the path through some of the sandier beaches. You can also make some detours and go along some of the beaches or down to the pier.

Parque El Olivar

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Bosque del Olivar, Lima
Bosque del Olivar, Lima | © Checo890 / WikiCommons
This is one of Lima’s largest parks, which makes it ideal for running and working out in. There’s plenty of grass and walkways to run through, and it makes a perfect escape from Lima’s concrete and ubiquitous traffic. It’s a safe place with a peaceful and friendly vibe.

Barranco Malecón

Another great boardwalk to run on is the one in Barranco. It isn’t as manicured as Miraflores’ parks, but it is still beautiful and safe. Barranco connects to the beaches below, so you can combine this run with a run on the beaches if you want to stretch your legs.

San Isidro

San Isidro is one of Lima’s safest neighborhoods and it was one of the first to construct bike paths throughout the area. You can follow them throughout the area, exploring one of Lima’s most upscale districts.

Miraflores seen from Barranco | © Steven Damron / Flickr

The streets of Barranco

Barranco is Lima’s bohemian district, famed for its colored houses and graffitied streets. A great way to explore it all is taking a run through the vibrant streets. This way you will be able to take it all in in a shorter time. While not ideal for running, it’s doable along the sidewalks, and Barranco is one of the city’s safer neighborhoods.

Cristo del Pacífico | © Serious Cat / Flickr

Chorrillos run to Christ statue

The Chorrillos district was once where Lima’s wealthiest people had their vacation homes. While this in no longer the case, Chorrillos still offers one of Lima’s most beautiful views of the ocean from its boardwalk. You can run along the boardwalk and then turn up towards the white Christ statue that stands guard above the city. It’s not the safest district of the city, so it’s not advisable to run while listening to music on your cell phone here.

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