The Best Restaurants in Paracas, Peru

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Paracas (El Chaco) is a sleepy little beach town near the Paracas national park, a proximity that keeps tourists coming and business good. The only developed beach town in the area, this is the place to stay and eat while touring the beautiful coastline and islands, boasting plenty of delicious restaurants. Here’s are the places serving up the best eats in Paracas.

Chalana Restaurant

Hotel Restaurant, South American, Seafood, $$$
Delicious seafood | camum/Pixabay
Located on the private pier of Hotel Paracas, this restaurant is hard to beat as the best in Paracas. The restaurant partners with a local fisherman, so their fish is always fresh and delicious. This is one of the more expensive restaurants in Paracs, but for what they serve it’s more than worth the price. You’ll be enjoying Peruvian classics on a private pier in beautiful Paracas and you don’t have to be a hotel guest to enjoy it.
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Lunch, All Day


Casual, Gourmet

Pisco and Olé

Restaurant, Italian, Peruvian, Seafood, South American, $$$
This one is head and shoulders above the other restaurants that crowd the Paracas boardwalk. Head towards the pier along the front of the boardwalk and you won’t miss it. Delicious Peruvian food, a bar and some pizza if you’re craving it—enjoy it all with a great view, too.
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La Negra Y El Blanco

Restaurant, Peruvian, Seafood, South American, $$$
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Tasty grilled octopus | beboplu/Pixabay
This is one of the best locations in town—a beachfront property with a view of the docks. Make sure if you decide to come to make it for the sunset. There are two floors with plenty of space and delicious Peruvian food options. The food is fresh, the view spectacular—what’s not to like?
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Restaurant Paracas

Restaurant, Peruvian, South American, Seafood, $$$
They serve up all your Peruvian classics as expected and don’t stumble while doing it. It’s Peruvian food done right, no added flair needed. Great place for a quick meal or it can turn into a few cocktails too. Decent prices and a great location, just behind the boardwalk.
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Restaurant, Smoothie Bar, Healthy, Vegetarian, Vegan, Peruvian, $$$
Healthy smoothie | StockSnap/Pixabay
Better for breakfast, but still makes a nice place to grab a bite to eat. The restaurant is vegan and vegetarian friendly and serve up vegetarian burgers which is always a nice touch. If you’re looking for classic Peruvian food this isn’t your spot. What they do best are their large smoothies which are perfect for breakfast or a light lunch.
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All Day, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, Breakfast




Restaurant, Peruvian, Seafood, South American, $$$
Half art gallery and half delicious Peruvian restaurant. The very quirky Pukasoncco is one of those cherished spots you’ll find along your trip. Enjoy some Peruvian food made to perfection and fresh seafood while enjoying the chef and owner’s paintings. The restaurant is great for the entire family and will make you come back for your next meal.
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Il Covo

Restaurant, Italian, $$$
It is a restaurant that took time and thought into setting a good ambiance, which is hard to find in Paracas. Owned by Italian immigrants, you have to order the Italian food here. Pizzas and pastas done by Italians in Peru, they’ll tell you—it’s not a fusion. They pride themselves on great ingredients and their Italian traditions.
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