The Best Restaurants in Huanchaco

© Gustavo M/Flickr
© Gustavo M/Flickr
Huanchaco is quickly gaining a reputation as one the foodie stops in Peru. While it may seem like you’re missing out on all the fresh and delicious fish if you’re a vegan or vegetarian traveling in Peru, Huanchaco doesn’t make you feel left out. With a couple of top notch vegan restaurants and, of course, plenty of classic Peruvian seafood options, Huanchaco is a perfect place for the vegan and world-traveling foodie. Here are the restaurants that you must stop to have a meal in while in Huanchaco.

Restaurante Mococho

Restaurant, Contemporary, Fusion, Seafood, South American

This place is Peruvian fusion food done right, and if you like the classics just as they are, they have that too. They only have a couple options each day—no menu—based on whatever the catch of the day is to make sure that you’re eating the freshest fish possible. The favorites are his ceviches—which you can get classic or with a fusion twist—and steamed fish, usually covered in a tangy, spicy sauce. It is a bit on the expensive side, but you’ll enjoy every bite of it.

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El Caribe

Restaurant, Seafood, Fusion
Restaurant Caribe, Huanchaco
Restaurant Caribe, Huanchaco | © cyclonebill/Flickr

Dubbed by the locals as the best ceviche joint in town, this multiple story restaurant is gentle on the wallet with everything the higher end restaurants offer. Get the classic ceviche, which is done to perfection, and you won’t be disappointed. They don’t get fancy on fusions and stick to the foods Peruvians do best: seafood.

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Restaurante Big Ben

Restaurant, Fusion, Seafood, Peruvian, South American, $$$

There’s a more up-scale feel to this classic Peruvian restaurant and the beach front view is a nice touch. It is right in the heart of everything along the boardwalk and is a beautiful place to watch a sunset from. It serves all the Peruvian classics and it’s one of the best places in all of Huanchaco for some seafood.

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Otra Cosa

Restaurant, Healthy, Vegetarian, Vegan

This place is a travelers’ hot spot, serving up some of the best vegetarian food in Trujillo and Huanchaco. Located on the beach front spot just down the street from the pier, it is a perfect location to watch a sunset from while eating some food. They offer organic coffee, delicious desserts, and maybe the best falafels and hummus in Peru.

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Moksha Yoga & Surf Hostel

Restaurant, Contemporary, Healthy, American, Vegan, Vegetarian
Moksha Yoga & Surf Hostel, Huanchaco
Moksha Yoga & Surf Hostel, Huanchaco | © Lou Stejskal/Flickr

They offer both a vegan and vegetarian menu that includes vegan takes on Peruvian classics like ceviche. If you’ve had enough of the more-or-less boring panaderia options in Peru, Moksha makes delicious loafs of bread—so good you’ll probably take one for the road. The highlight is their all-you-can-eat vegan Sunday brunch for 18 soles (US$6).

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Picarone stands

Fast Food, $$$

Eating fried food out on the street from a cart is about as far away as you can get from a restaurant, but the picarones are so delicious they have to make this list. Pay three soles and get four fried rings of squash and sweet potato, which look similar to an old fashion donut. These desserts are heavenly and you won’t find them done any better than in Huanchaco. Pair some picarones with a vasito de chicha morada and enjoy the sights of Huanchaco.

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Pop-up Restaurant

Club Colonial

Restaurant, Contemporary, $$$
<a href="">© Jorge Gobbi/Flickr</a>
<a href="">© Jorge Gobbi/Flickr</a> | © Jorge Gobbi/Flickr

Club Colonial is the perfect place for a date night. Located in a beautiful colonial (how’d you guess?) building, it is worth the extra soles to dine in. They offer the Peruvian classics as well as European dishes.

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