The Best Places to Buy Souvenirs in Lima

© Phil Whitehouse / Flickr
© Phil Whitehouse / Flickr
Not wanting to lug around souvenirs while traveling is understandable, but a lot of the times it’s necessary. If that’s the case then you’ll probably be heading back to Lima before you head off to your next adventure without any gifts for friends and family back home. Here, then, is Culture Trip’s guide to where to buy souvenirs so that you don’t leave Peru empty handed.

Mercado Artesanal

You’ll find every souvenir available in Peru here. Mercado Artesanal is a warehouse-style building housing little souvenir shops. Most of the shops will all be selling the same things: beanies, alpaca gear, phallic ornaments in the shape of a gun (a Peruvian oddity), hats, sweatshirts – everything you could’ve wanted, but didn’t have room for along your trip.

Mercado Artesanal, Belisario Suarez 315, Distrito de Lima 15074, Lima, Peru


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Dédalo craft store
Dédalo craft store | © Dédalo Facebook
Dédalo is a gutted out old mansion filled with high-quality artisanal work. Grab a beer in the back patio and enjoy all the many different gifts and souvenirs they have to offer – no vendor is the same and all souvenirs are uniquely Peruvian, from arts, crafts, jewelry and clothing. Go on a Wednesday and you could also enjoy a pizza and music evening.
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Gran Mercado Artesanal, Tesoros del Inca

While this market will most likely be a little bit out of your way, you’ll find the same souvenirs found in the Miraflores market but for a more affordable price. If it’s worth it for you to save an extra buck or two – the bus there will cost around two soles (around 60 cents) each way – then head to Pueblo Libre in the southwest of the city.

Gran Mercado Artesanal, Tesoros del Inca, Av. La Marina 790, Pueblo Libre 15084, Lima, Peru

San Francisco Galería Artesanal

The markets around the historical center will be the cheapest and are easier to get to than Gran Mercado Artesanal. This is but one option in the area – after walking around and enjoying the colonial architecture, you’ll come across many more.

San Francisco Galería Arteanal, Jirón Lampa 216, Cercado de Lima 15001, Lima, Peru

Artesanos Don Bosco

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An artisanal non-profit that supports self-employed artisans in Peru – there’s really not much of a better way to hunt for native souvenirs. The organization gives young people the opportunity to earn an income and improve their lives while living in their village. Everything will be more expensive, but the extra money will be going to help continue artisanal work in Peru and support local communities.
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