The Best Pizzerias in Lima

Lima has plenty of options for those craving a slice of pizza.
Lima has plenty of options for those craving a slice of pizza. | © Riedelmeier / Pixabay
Known for ceviche and traditional Peruvian dishes such as causa (dough stuffed with sweet or savory food), Lima is also home to great international eats and Italian pizza is chief among them. Some restaurants adhere to strict Napoli pizza standards, while others add a Peruvian twist. Whether it’s a classic margherita or a pizza topped with Inca berries, Lima has just the pizza you’re looking for. Here are the best pizzerias to visit in Lima.


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Some delicious pizza with a Peruvian twist can be found at Morelia | © igorovsyannykov / Pixabay

Morelia is a great example of a pizza menu that offers both the Italian classics, as well as Peruvian creations such as the Limeña, which is topped with salchicha huachana (Peruvian sausage from the town Huachana) and huevo estrellado (oil-fried eggs). At Morelia, they blend Italian styles with Peruvian traditions to create some of Lima’s most creative pies.

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El Italiano

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El Italiano focuses on Italian pizza with the freshest ingredients | © ponce_photography / Pixabay

As the name suggest, this restaurant does its best to make the perfect Italian pizza and it has a great reputation. The interior is decorated with tasteful warm wood and there’s an open kitchen so you can watch the chefs at work. The pizza menu is limited but it sticks to the classics, so it’s the place to go if you know you want top-quality Italian pizza.

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Dimly lit with a flaming wood-oven blazing in the back, Antica has a classic atmosphere for those craving Italian food. With thinly-sliced pizza and a wide range of different menu options, you’re sure to find the slice with the perfect topping.
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La Linterna

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Lima offers the most pizza options in the country | © Free-Photos / Pixabay

La Linterna opened in 1963 by a New Yorker named Floyd Scofield Sebastian. He brought the Italian-American pie to Lima and the first New York-style slice in the city. La Linterna continues to be popular with Limenos and has since opened three different branches in Lima.

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Mamma Lola

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Neapolitan Margherita
Neapolitan Margherita | © Pizzeria Libretto

Walking into Mamma Lola feels like you’ve been transported into a pizzeria in Italy. The owners’ goal is to create delicious food with an atmosphere that reminds visitors of where the pizza comes from, and they achieve it. Come here to find delicious wood-oven pizzas with plenty of options for everyone.

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