The Best Independent Art Galleries in Lima, Peru

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29 December 2017

Lima is the capital of Peru and just about everything else too, including the Peruvian art scene. You’ll find Peru’s best artists housed in some of Lima’s classic mansions, gutted out and transformed into the most idyllic places to view art. With so many international and Peruvian artists on display in the countless galleries, you’ll find a week’s worth of art viewing. Here’s the must-see galleries while you’re in Lima.

Lucia de la Puente Gallery

It’s always a good thing when an artist is invited to this gallery, not just because of its beautiful location in a Barranco mansion, but because the gallery will strive to include each of their artists in international galleries. The gallery also has representatives who will assist clients in purchasing and selling art, both domestically and internationally.

Lucia, de la Puente Gallery, Saenz Peña 206-1, Distrito de Lima 15063, Peru, +51 1 477 0237

Santiago LDR

A piece from CEDEgaleria | Courtesy of CEDEgaleria | Courtesy of CEDEgaleria

CEDE Galería

This is another gallery housed in a beautiful mansion in Lima—there really are no better locations for a gallery than these mansions. The space is dedicated to the exhibition of contemporary Peruvian art, offering a beautiful atmosphere to look at some of Peru’s best up-and-coming artists. The gallery was founded by Cecilia González, a cultural manager with more than 40 years of experience in the art world, and Denise Dourojeanni, a photographer and publicist by profession, with extensive experience in cultural management.

CEDE Galería, Saenz Peña 214, Lima 15063, Peru, +51 1 340 3170

foto 03 en bajita

A CEDE Galería artist at work | Courtesy of CEDE Galería

Revolver Galería

Revolver Gallery is a project created by the artist Giancarlo Scaglia, which all began in 2008 with the intention of promoting the Peruvian contemporary art scene. His gallery has become so popular that he opened up a second location in Buenos Aires. The gallery’s conception was to provide a private platform to exhibit, promote, and manage contemporary artists, aiming to help those whose work inspires, and need extra help in spreading the recognition of their name.

Revolver Galería, Av. El Bosque 291, San Isidro Lima 27, Peru, +51 1 608 0884

Proyecto Amil

Art Gallery
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Modern art
Modern art | © PIRO4D / Pixabay
The art gallery began in part as a way to engage the public in serious critical discussion of contemporary culture, using art as the vehicle to begin the discussion. They have continued in this tradition while showcasing the best contemporary artists in Lima and Peru.

Lucila Walqui Gallery

This gallery opened its doors only three years ago and has since featured work from 41 Peruvian artists and an Argentine artist. The gallery likes to include discussions surrounding art, including discussions with art historians, curators, and the artists themselves. The gallery places an emphasis on empowering female Peruvian artists and artists from across Peru.

Lucila Walqui Gallery, Calle Las Margaritas 167, Lince 15046, Lima, Peru, +51 963 702 390


Art Gallery
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Pre-Inca Pottery Art
Pre-Inca Pottery Art | © VasenkaPhotography / Flickr
This art gallery has been around for a minute, opening its doors in 2007, and since gaining a name for itself within the Lima art scene. Beginning with a focus on local Peruvian artists, they have now expanded their scope to include artists from all over Latin America. They focus on the most progressive in Latin American art and are always a favorite to spot the next best Peruvian or Latin American artist.