The Best Food-Fusion Restaurants in Lima

Bourdain's trips to Peru had him trying some of the country's most unique and creative dishes
Bourdain's trips to Peru had him trying some of the country's most unique and creative dishes | © Cathrine Lindblom Gunasekara / Flickr
Photo of Brandon Dupre
3 May 2018

Peru is a melting pot of cultures and heritage, and the food here is no exception. The country has a long culinary tradition from the Andes and coastal regions, which has come together with techniques and styles brought from countries like Japan and China. If you’re in Lima and want to explore the best fusion dining spots, check out our pick of the best.


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One of the dishes from Maido | One of the dishes from Maido

There isn’t much else to say about this award-winning restaurant that hasn’t already been said. It ranks inside the top 10 restaurants in South America and one of the best in Lima. Maido’s specialty is Nikkei, which is a melding of Peruvian and Japanese ingredients and techniques, which has become one of Lima’s most popular cuisines. It’s an elegant spot and the food delicious – if you’re looking for perfect Japanese-Peruvian food, this is the place to be.

Madam Tusan

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Madam Tusan stands alone as the best high-end chifa restaurant in Lima. The restaurant is run by Peru’s famous chef Gastón Acurio, who was inspired to create the restaurant in honor of the country’s great Chinese culinary tradition. Acurio took what was an inexpensive cuisine, made for and by Chinese immigrants short on money, and created the high-end Chinese option known as Madam Tusan.

Restaurante Central

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Restaurante Central in Lima has become an obsession, appearing in TV shows and featured on documentaries. It has been received countless accolades and awards for its reinvention of Peruvian cuisine. The dishes here are pieces of art, made to replicate the area they come from, and the menu is arranged according to altitudes.

Wa Lok

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Chifa food | Chifa food

Wa Lok is one of Lima’s most familiar and popular chifa restaurants. They have been around for decades and have multiple restaurants around the capital, including a white-table cloth location in Miraflores. Order any of the chifa classics – lomo saltado or a chaufa – you won’t be disappointed.

La Lucha Sanguchería Criolla

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The famous La Lucha sandwich shop | The famous La Lucha sandwich shop

The best sandwich shop and chain in Peru, with numerous locations in Lima. The food is a unique mix between Peruvian traditions and ingredients, with classic sandwiches and french fries. Sandwiches can include sweet potatoes and salsa criollo – marinated onions.


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A dish from Isolina | A dish from Isolina

Located in the heart of Barranco, Isolina is Lima’s best criollo restaurant. The style of food refers to traditions brought to Peru from Spain and Africa, which have been recreated in Peruvian style. In short, it serves up dishes that Peruvians have been eating since they were kids. Isolina is well known for large, family-style dishes meant to be shared among a group of people.

Chifa Chung Yion (Chifa Union)

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Chifa Chung Yion is Barranco’s best and most recognized chifa stop. The prices are much more wallet-friendly if you’re on a budget, but the quality is still there. They serve up huge portions and are very popular with families. If you go on the weekend – especially on a Sunday – be prepared to wait.