The Best Beaches in Paracas, Peru

Mia Spingola / © Culture Trip
Mia Spingola / © Culture Trip
Photo of Brandon Dupre
16 February 2018

Along the south coast of Peru lies some of the driest desert in the world that crashes right into the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. The contrast is jaw-dropping and is the reason why so many tourists make Paracas a must-see destination in Peru. Here is our guide to the best beaches in Paracas, Peru.

La Mina

Ask any local what their favorite beach in the area is and La Mina will surely be mentioned more than a few times. If it wasn’t for all the busses and cars that now line the street above the little cove you wouldn’t ever find it. The beach is hidden from above and only appears as you make your way down the steps, revealing one of Peru’s most beautiful beaches. Blue waters surrounded by desert makes La Mina one of the most unique beaches in the world. There are some vendors selling food and drinks, and there are bathrooms in the parking lot. Even if the area can get very windy, the cove protecting La Mina will see the wind off and give you more time to tan.

La Mina beach in Paracas | Mia Spingola / © Culture Trip

Playa El Raspon

Like the other beaches in the area, you’ll find bright blue waters crashing into the Peruvian desert. This beach, like La Mina, is a popular destination amongst those looking to hangout on the beach all day. If La Mina is too packed, this beach is a nice option.

Mia Spingola / | © Culture Trip

Yumaque Beach

Long stretches of beach and plenty of beautiful scenery abound. On low tide you can find some tide pools and catch a glimpse of the abundance of marine life that lives in the area. Yumaque also makes for one of the best beaches to camp in, being protected by a cove and plenty of real estate to park a car and tent.

Mia Spingola / | © Culture Trip
Paracas coastline | Mia Spingola / © Culture Trip

Playa Mendieta

Enjoy the warm sand and omnipresent sun! Just remember when you’re coming to this beach that you won’t find any shade – so either bring your own umbrella or bring a lot of sun screen. If you do get hungry, up the road there are restaurants serving freshly caught seafood.

A look at Paracas' Red Beach | © Mia Spingola / Culture Trip

Red Beach

While La Mina gets all the beach goers and sun worshippers, La Playa Roja is without a doubt the most photographed beach in all of Paracas. The Pacific Ocean runs into the barren, Peruvian desert and at that intersection you find one of the most remarkable beaches. As the tide recedes you’ll find a dark, earth red tone that captivates travelers from all over the world. Busses drop off hundreds of tourists each day to photograph this epic looking beach. It is possible to layout there, but you’ll need to bring all your own supplies because there are no shops or restaurants at the beach.

Mia Spingola / | © Culture Trip

Supay Beach

This is one of the first stops on any tour of the Paracas National Reserve. From the mirador you’ll find a rock formation that resembles a castle and a long, long stretch of coastline that seems to go on forever. You’ll occasionally find a fisherman or two, but for the most part only those stopping at the lookout point before moving on to the rest of Paracas.

Mia Spingola / | © Culture Trip

El Chaco

This is the main place to stay in the Paracas area, attracting people from all over the world. From El Chaco, you can take 2 to 3 hour tours of Paracas, stopping off at all the main beaches. El Chaco’s beach isn’t as eye-popping as the rest, but it will be just as much fun. There are vendors strolling around the boardwalk and the small stretch of sand, musicians preforming and plenty of restaurants to drink a beer in and eat fresh seafood.

Mia Spingola / | © Culture Trip

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