The 7 Best International Restaurants in Lima, Peru

Lima is home to a delicious mix of international food intermingling with Peruvian styles and ingredients
Lima is home to a delicious mix of international food intermingling with Peruvian styles and ingredients | © Maido
Photo of Brandon Dupre
27 September 2018

Ceviche, causa, pollo, anticuchos – as unbelievable as it may sound with so much delicious local cuisine, there might come a point during your trip when you’ll want a break from the traditional Peruvian dishes. Or will at least want to try some meals with Peruvian variations of other cuisines to switch things up a bit. Luckily, if you find yourself in Lima, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from to surprise your tastebuds. Here’s a look at the seven best international restaurants in Lima, Peru.

Mamma Lola

Pizzeria, Italian, $$$
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Neapolitan Margherita
Neapolitan Margherita | © Pizzeria Libretto

Even from the outside of the building, you can tell what you’re getting yourself into: the best Italian food in Lima. From the façade to its interior décor, it’s all Italian. The moment you step foot in the restaurant, you feel like you’ve left Peru. The atmosphere is only outdone by its Italian dishes, especially the pizza.


Restaurant, Japanese, Peruvian, Fusion, $$$
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One of the dishes from Maido | © Cathrine Lindblom Gun / Flickr

Though not entirely international food, Maido serves a mix of Japanese and Peruvian food called Nikkei, creating a unique fusion that’s all its own brand. For the first time customer, though, it will appear just like any high-end Japanese cuisine. Expect sashimi and some classic rolls all made with fresh, Peruvian fish. Maido is, according to the 2017 San Pellegrino rankings, not just Latin America’s second best restaurant, but also number eight in the world.

Madam Tusan

Restaurant, Chinese, Peruvian, $$$
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Madam Tusan has established itself as the gourmet Chinese food option in Peru. This isn’t your typical Chinese take-out, but rather a sit-down culinary experience. Madam Tusan is a Gastón Acurio creation, pushing the boundaries of what Chinese-Peruvian food can do. You’ll recognize all the dishes, but they come with a slight Peruvian twist.

La Linterna

Pizzeria, Italian, $$$
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Lima offers the most pizza options in the country | © Free-Photos / Pixabay

The title of the first Italian-American pizzeria in Lima goes to La Linterna. It’s everything you know about a classic pizza joint in Lima, so for those missing a little bit of the States, La Linterna is your place.

Wa Lok

Restaurant, Peruvian, Chinese, $$$
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Chifa food | © cegoh / Pixabay

Wa Lok is one of the original white-tablecloth chifa (Chinese-Peruvian) restaurants in Lima. It’s the gold standard of Chinese food in Peru against which all other must measure themselves. Expect large portions that help ease – at least a bit – the pain of the price tag.

Burrito Bar

Restaurant, Mexican, Peruvian, $$$
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Not exactly located in the main hub of Barranco, you might miss this small restaurant even if you know where you’re going. Burrito Bar serves up the tastiest Mexican food in Lima. Expect burritos and tacos a plenty with your choice of al pastor, carne asada, fish or veggies. The flavors aren’t exactly Mexican, but the result is nothing short of delicious.

La Lucha Sanguchería Criolla

Sandwich Shop, Peruvian, American, $$$
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The famous La Lucha sandwich shop | © Art DiNo / Flickr

The best sandwiches you’ll find in Peru are from La Lucha. It’s the sort of sandwich you’ll be salivating about long after you’ve finished and left the restaurant. It’s perfect for a quick bite and a place you’ll surely make part of your Peruvian routine after eating one of their sandwiches. The food is a unique mix between Peruvian traditions and ingredients, with classic sandwiches and French fries. Sandwiches can include sweet potatoes and salsa criollo – marinated onions – and are best enjoyed with a big cup of chicha morada.

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