The 10 Best Restaurants in Huaraz, Peru

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19 December 2017

The Peruvian trekking mecca of Huaraz may not be the culinary capital of the nation, but there are a number of excellent establishments around town which cater to the hiking crowd. And after a tough day in the mountains, there’s really nothing more satisfying than indulging in a hearty feast. Here are Culture Trip’s restaurant recommendations for Huaraz.

Mi Comedia

Restaurant, Italian, Vegetarian, $$$
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Pizza may well be the world’s greatest comfort food and of all the pizzerias in Huaraz, Mi Comedia serve the best pie of the lot. These delectable wood-fired creations are a hit for their crunchy thin crust bases and homemade tomato sauce topped with a variety of quality fresh ingredients. It’s well worth the short walk from the city center to dine in this cozy establishment.

El Rinconcito Minero

Restaurant, Peruvian, Cajun, $$$
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Lomo Saltado
Lomo Saltado | © comunicacionesmpgi/pixabay

For a hearty lunch just like momma makes it (if your mom were Peruvian), look no further than El Rinconcito Minero. This homely family-run restaurant in the city center offers an unusually wide range of local classics on its lunchtime menu, with prices low enough to attract a loyal contingent of locals. The Lomo Saltado is worthy of attention, consisting of stir-fried beef served with rice, chips, tomatoes, onions and an egg.

El Fogón

Restaurant, Steakhouse, Peruvian, $$$
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Steak | © Divily/pixabay

As far as upscale steakhouses are concerned, El Fogón is the creme of the crop in Huaraz. Their juicy steaks are mouthwatering to say the least, although a number of other interesting options adorn the menu such as rabbit, trout and anticuchos (flame-grilled shish kabobs).

Café Andino

Coffee Shop, Peruvian, $$$
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The ultimate gringo hangout, Café Andino attracts hordes of hungry tourists for its friendly atmosphere which features ample artwork and books accompanied by chilled out tunes and a crackling fireplace. Their western-style menu may be a little more expensive than other places in town, but it really hits the spot for those yearning for the flavors of home.

Chilli Heaven

Restaurant, Indian, Asian, Thai, Mexican
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Thai and Indian cuisine are the staple here, although a number of Mexican options can be found on the menu too. True to its name, most dishes come with a generous portion of chilli and the food really does feel like a slice of heaven. Don’t eat meat? Vegetarians will do extremely well here.

California Café

Coffee Shop, Contemporary, American, Peruvian, Fusion
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The all-day breakfasts are the standout attractions at this homely American-run cafe, featuring everything from light and healthy options to hearty hangover cures. Fresh bread is prepared in-house each day which makes their sandwiches divine, while a selection of English language books and board games keep happy punters lingering for hours on end.

Crêperie Patrick

Restaurant, Ice Cream, French, Fusion, Peruvian
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Crêperie Patrick
Crêperie Patrick | Courtesy of Creperie Patrick

Got a hankering for some crepes? Then check out Crêperie Patrick, the best (if not the only) creperie in town. More substantial options are available such as thick steaks, fondue or grilled trout, not to mention an impressive array of artisanal ice cream. Head upstairs to dine on their sunny terrace with mountain views.

Sala de Estar

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Sala de Estar
Sala de Estar | Courtesy of Sala de Estar

Perfect for the acclimatizing traveler, the light ‘n’ healthy cuisine at this vegetarian-friendly eatery is easy on the stomach and heaven on the taste buds. The spinach pie and the gnocchi are standout dishes, although a number of other delightful options can be found on the menu too.


Restaurant, Italian, Peruvian, $$$
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Spaghetti | © Divily/pixabay

Delicious handmade pasta in a variety of delectable sauces is the main attraction here, although the woodfired pizzas are pretty good too. Be sure to leave some room for dessert which is as good as you’ll find anywhere in town. Budget travelers should come at lunch to take advantage of their bargain basement lunchtime special.


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Rocoto | © Clotina/pixabay

The team at Trivio manage to cover an extraordinary number of styles, from Peruvian to Italian and everything in between. Impressively, they do so without compromising on quality, meaning their diverse range of cuisine caters to every taste.