The 10 Best Restaurants in Barranco, Peru

Restaurante Arlotia | Courtesy of Restaurante Arlotia
Restaurante Arlotia | Courtesy of Restaurante Arlotia
Photo of Harry Stewart
19 January 2018

A mega-metropolis of almost 10 million inhabitants, Lima has a variety of unique neighborhoods which cater to all different kinds of traveler. Though for the bohemian among us, there is no better choice than Barranco, a hip seaside suburb jam-packed with vibrant street art, cool cafés, and, of course, trendy restaurants. Here are the best places to eat in the area.

La 73

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As one of Barranco’s hippest bistros, this contemporary establishment serves immaculate Peruvian-Mediterranean fusion fare to a ravenous crowd of well-heeled locals. Stand-out dishes include their famous handmade artichoke ravioli with goat cheese and duck risotto, while their amazing churros go down a treat for dessert.

El Muelle Cevicheria

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This reasonably priced ceviche joint is a hit among locals for its relaxed atmosphere and expansive outdoor seating area. You may be dining on plastic chairs on a porch, but the huge portions of delicious seafood, as well as the fast and friendly service, make it all worthwhile.

La Canta Rana

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Another longstanding favorite cevicheria, La Canta Rana is frequently packed with thirsty locals who throw down plenty of beer while waiting for their order on busier nights. It’ll be well worth the wait, however, as there are 17 different variations of this classic seafood dish to choose from, each as delicious as the next.

Isolina Taberna Peruana

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Perhaps Barranco’s most prestigious restaurant, Isolina has earned a spot on the Latin American Top 50 Restaurants list. But that’s not to say it’s pretentious. Far from it, in fact, as the food here is typical homemade Peruvian croillo, just like grandma makes it.

Burrito Bar

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Got a hankering for some Mexican? Then head on down to Burrito Bar, the brainchild of an expat Londoner who honed his cooking skills through watching YouTube videos, of all places. Amazingly, this informal education worked wonders, as the establishment is known for cooking up the best tacos and burritos in the neighborhood.

Chifa Chung Yion (Chifa Union)

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Those after an authentic chifa experience should make their way to Chifa Chung Yion, the best Peruvian-Chinese fusion outfit in Barranco. Hordes of hungry customers pour in each night to sample delectable dishes such as wonton soup and fried rice, all served in mammoth portions from a team of personable waiters.

Ayahuasca Resto Bar

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Ayahuasca, Lima
Ayahuasca, Lima | © Free-Photos / Pixabay

Restaurant by day, bopping cocktail bar by night, Ayahuasca has become one of the coolest hangouts in all of Barranco. Set out of an old colonial mansion, its electric atmosphere attracts the region’s most glamorous socialites who come here to drink, eat and be merry. Word of warning though, try to get in early if you’re just after a quiet meal.

Cala Restaurante

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Occupying an enviable spot overlooking the sea, Cala is a hit with both tourists and locals after an upmarket night out. It may be expensive and the service a little lacking at times, but the Japanese and Peruvian-inspired seafood are on point, while their breathtaking ocean views are among the best in the region.

Restaurante Arlotia

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Restaurante Arlotia
Restaurante Arlotia | Courtesy of Restaurante Arlotia

Diners looking to scratch a Spanish-Mediterranian itch need look no further than Restaurante Arlotia, the true masters of their craft in Barranco. Whether it be tapas, paella or tortilla, the food served here is so good it would be a serious competitor in even the most upmarket Barcelona neighborhoods.