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Skyline of Arequipa | © Filipe Fortes/Flickr
Skyline of Arequipa | © Filipe Fortes/Flickr

The 10 Best Boutique Hotels in Arequipa, Peru

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Updated: 30 November 2017

When a city has such an array of grand, traditional, and important architecture, it’s impossible to do anything but marvel at it—it’s even better when you get to sleep in it. One of the efforts that keeps Arequipa, Peru, so authentic is the city’s ability to build modern businesses and amenities into its existing architecture. We break down some of the best boutique hotel options to rest your head after a long day of exploring the “White City.”

La Hostería

Located off a very simple entryway from Calle Simon Bolivar, the courtyard where La Hostería sits is anything but simple in a seemingly small space. With a stunning colonial courtyard, beautiful archways, and ornately-designed flower arrangements, La Hostería will take you back in time (you can even enjoy a dip in their on-site Roman Bath). Standard room rates start at $75 per night but they also offer two-night, three-day stays that include river rafting excursions, Colca Canyon tours, or an Inca massage for not much more than the normal rate.

Casa Andina Arequipa

Casa Andina’s three different locations include a selection of standard, select, and premium room experiences, but what they all have in common is their attention to quality. Casa Andina Standard, located between the quiet Parque Selva Alegre and the Plaza de Armas, offers modern rooms for those who will be out exploring and simply need a comfy, secure place to rest at night. Casa Andina Premium will offer you the brand’s highest level of luxury for a great price point in a convenient location—only one block behind the Santa Catalina Monastery in the building formerly known as “Casa de la Moneda.” The Select hotel has the best value for your dollar and the best location—it’s situated in the heart of Arequipa, the city’s Plaza de Armas, with views of the cathedral. The Standard’s room rates start at approximately $60 per night for two people, with Select starting at $90 for a double room, and Premium at $115 per night. All three options include breakfast.


Premium Lobby | Courtesy of Casa Andina

Villa Elisa Boutique Hotel

The Villa Elisa Boutique Hotel is a quaint Bed and Breakfast located up the hill from the center of Arequipa near the Parque Selva Alegra. This quaint hotel embodies the concept of “boutique.” Upon arriving, you’ll be greeted by its beautifully manicured garden—a great place to spend some time relaxing during sunrise or sunset. Its old-fashioned interior and cute, cozy, but spacious rooms will give you the option of a balcony view or something on the ground floor with sliding doors opening to the soft grass and a garden. Breakfast comes included with every room whose rates range from $60 to $80 a night.

Dreams Boutique Hotel

As the name implies, the Dreams Hotel Boutique is a dream for those looking to stay outside of the tourist zone and get a feel of what it’s like to live in Arequipa. Only a few blocks south of the city center, the Vallecito neighborhood is a quiet residential area for those who aren’t as keen on stepping out of their hotel and into swarms of people on the sidewalk. The action is still just a few blocks north of the hotel if guests want some shopping or a nice meal. A standard single room with breakfast included starts at just over $40 a night and is quite the steal.


Arequipa at Night | Will Lees/© Culture Trip

Casa Arequipa

Casa Arequipa is another hotel in Vallecito and won’t be hard to miss. This big pink building offers a home away from home, with a spacious common areas, winding staircases, chandeliers, and elegant dining rooms to make you feel like Arequipa royalty. Keeping with its theme of elegance, each room in Casa Arequipa has its own name, like The Black White Room or The Cala Lily Room, so pick which room fits you best for prices that range between $65 to $85 a night.

La Plaza Arequipa Boutique Hotel

If location is what you’re after, you won’t get much closer to the Plaza de Armas than this. The Plaza Arequipa Hotel is located on the main square and has beautiful balconies for people-watching, splendid interior design, and a real touch of luxury. You may be confused as to why, at $96 per night for a two-person double room, you’re not stuck with a luxury price tag.

Casa de Avila Hotel and Garden

When sitting in the gardens at Casa de Avila, it’ll be hard to believe you are at a centrally-located boutique hotel and not in a quiet, countryside town. The rooms enclose around the building’s central gardens which allows you to walk outside, enjoy your breakfast, or read a book and you’re still only a five-minute walk from the Plaza de Armas. Your choice of room will only set you back $50 to $70 a night.


Comfortable guest room | Courtesy of Casa de Avila

Queen's Villa Hotel Boutique

If being outside of the city center is no issue to you and you’re the type of person who doesn’t see a hotel room as simply a place to shower and sleep, you’ll fall in love with Queen’s Villa. It will take you 15 minutes to walk into the center, but that’s a small price when your hotel has a beautiful pool waiting for you to cool off in. If you are coming to Arequipa to relax or will be out on adventurous treks and tours in the area and want a place to unwind, you will feel that the $55-and-up prices you’re paying per night are simply unfair…for the hotel.

Palla Boutique Hotel

At the Palla Boutique Hotel, you won’t have to trade in location for luxury. It’s known for offering terrific value and is always in high demand, so book your room in advance to secure a little piece of Arequipa paradise. With a delicious breakfast included, incredible stone walls, beautiful touches in the rooms, and arguably the best rooftop terrace in all of Arequipa, you’ll be even more thrilled to pay only $80 to $120 per night.


Arequipa, Peru | © Filipe Fortes/Flickr

A classy, modern touch to ancient Arequipa, the Beauséjour Boutique Hotel is a comfortable, cozy, and bright family-run property. It offers a beautifully decorated garden to start your mornings off in with the hotel’s included breakfast and views of Misti, Arequipa’s active volcano. Rates start at under $70 per night for a double room.