The Best Restaurants in Cerro Azul

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2 February 2018

The sleepy beach town of Cerro Azul, not commonly known as a place to visit in Peru, is sure to make you stay a couple of nights. If you’re a surfer then you’ll have plenty to enjoy from one of Peru’s top surf breaks and if you’re a sun-worshipper then you’ll have hours of tanning time – but maybe the best thing to do in Cerro Azul is enjoy some fresh seafood at one its many seafood restaurants. Here’s our pick of the best.

Puerto Azul

Bar, South American

This is the most popular restaurant in Puerto Azul and also doubles as a hotel. Located along Cerro Azul’s restaurant-filled malecón, Puerto Azul regularly attracts diners with its outside patio, even while other restaurants next door are empty – but with that popularity comes an added price tag. The popular dishes of jalea (fried fish and other sea life) and ceviche will be around 5 to 10 soles more. If you have just one night in this little beach port, Puerto Azul will offer you the most refined flavor of the area.

Restaurante Majika

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Restaurante Majika
Restaurante Majika

Close to the plaza de armas, Majika is one of the nicer restaurants in the town. You can find all the food available that the beachside restaurants have, plus some options you won’t find anywhere else. They offer Nikkei cuisine, Japanese-Peruvian fusion, which isn’t available anywhere else in Puerto Azul.

Street food in the plaza

Bar, South American

Cheap, quick eats in the plaza is also a popular option with Peruvians. After around 3 pm, Puerto Azul’s plaza de armas will be lined with picnic tables and chairs and filled with the smoke of cooking meats. You’ll find all the Peruvian street food classic such as anticuchos (grilled beef hearts), grilled chicken and picarones, Peru’s sweet potato donuts smothered in syrup.

Beach eats

Bar, South American

Don’t worry about having to get up and find food while you’re at the beach. No one wants to do that while you’re catching some rays and enjoying the water. Thankfully at Cerro Azul you won’t have to. No matter where you may find yourself along the beach you’ll find beachside service from the restaurants parked on the beach at no additional cost. The popular choice is jalea and ceviche paired with a classic Pilsen, one of Peru’s most popular beers.

Chancho al Palo Juancito

Bar, South American

Their menu stands before you, roasting above a fire on the spit. A huge slab of of chicharrones (fried pork belly) with a crunchy outer layer is mouthwateringly close to you. What you see is what you get and what you get is some of the best chicharrones you’ll find anywhere in Peru. They’ll even offer you a little taste for free if you’re unsure about sitting down, which you won’t be after sampling.

El Tiburon

Bar, South American

This is another one of the restaurants that line the crowded malecón. It’s hard to stand out on this beachfront full of fresh seafood restaurants, but Tiburon does enough to get your attention. It’s blue exterior with the shark is noticeable and the food will surely be memorable.

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