8 Reasons Why Summer Is the Best Time to Visit Lima

Sunset over the sea
Sunset over the sea | © kordi_vahle / Pixabay
Photo of Brandon Dupre
15 March 2018

For most of the year, Lima is covered in a dense fog that hides the sun for months at times. Summer is the city Lima really comes to life. Kids are on vacation, the beaches get crowded, and the ceviche never tasted better. Here’s why the summer is the best time to visit the Peruvian capital.

The sun

First of all, Lima feels like a completely different place when the sun actually comes out. The dense fog lifts and underneath you find the beautiful city that’s been hidden for most of the year. The world seems like a happier place when the sun is out, and it makes Lima feel more like a city on the beach. Just remember that when the sun comes out in Lima, it comes out strong, so make sure to wear sunscreen.

Paragliding over the Malecón in Lima | © emilyalp / Pixabay

The waves

The waves are good all year round in Lima, but especially when there is a mix of north swell in the water, which is what happens during the summer months. You’ll get more peaky crossed-up swells and more swell in spots that are exposed to the north. It’s also better to surf when the sun is out and the water isn’t covered in dense fog.

The sunsets

You wouldn’t know it, but Lima has some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. It’d be hard for another city to match Lima with a prettier sunset; the problem is, Lima only gets those sunsets during the summer. As the sun descends over the Pacific Ocean, head to the Miraflores boardwalk, where you can watch the incredible sunset while drinking a cocktail in a cliffside restaurant.

Lima sunset | © Vladmir Kud / Flickr

The winter sucks

You want to go during the summer because, well, Lima’s weather just sucks during the winter. It is a beautiful city, but the fog covers that beauty for most of the year. The winter can get cold and humid, which is an odd combination. If you want to enjoy the best of Lima, visit away from the winter.

The parks are transformed

Lima is a city of parks. Everywhere you turn there are beautiful parks with well-manicured lawns and plants being dutifully watered by a thorough maintenance crew. See the parks in the winter and then in the summer and you’ll notice that there’s no comparison. The parks come to life with color in summer, and the people come out to enjoy them.


Lima does have a couple of beaches, but during the winter, no one dares visit them. They’re deserted until the first rays of summer, when the hibernating Lima tanners come out. The beaches come to life with commerce and people and they become a place to be, rather than just some discarded lot.

The Miraflores boardwalk | © ygrr / Pixabay

You can go cycling

Cycling is, of course, much better when the sun is out, not to mention the fact that sometimes during the thick fog it can be hard to tell where you’re going. Cycling along Lima’s boardwalk is one of the best activities you can do here and it’s even better when the sun is out and you can truly enjoy the sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean.

The people come out

When the sun shines, the people come out. Lima is home to around a third of Peru’s population, but you don’t get to see much of them during the winter. The sun brings the families out to the parks and plazas of the city.

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