7 Things to See and Do in Lima During Summer

Sunset in Lima
Sunset in Lima | © McKay Savage / Flickr
Photo of Brandon Dupre
22 March 2018

During the summer months, Lima transforms into a completely different city. Gloomy dense fog makes way for blue skies and sunshine, something that’s definitely worth rejoicing about if you live in Lima. People are happier, and all of a sudden the beaches become a thing. Here is our list of the best activities to choose while the sun is shining in Lima.

Splash around in the water park

The Circuito Magico del Agua is the best way to cool off in Lima, and one of Lima’s most popular family attractions. During the day, while you’re trying to escape the heat, the fountains and waterfalls are your best bet for cooling off. At night, they perform an unmissable water light show with interactive fountains and lasers.

Circuito Mágico del Agua, Lima, Perú | © Miguel Vera León / Flickr

Hang out in the parks

Lima is a city of parks, which becomes most apparent during the summer when they’re filled with Peruvians. There are parks you’ll stumble upon in random barrios (neighborhoods), and there are the main attraction parks such as Parque del Amor and Parque Kennedy. No matter which one you decide on, they’ll all be popping with life.

Parque Kennedy | © Zonda Bez / Flickr


During Lima’s winter months, the surf can seem foreboding, covered in a dense fog that can sometime completely cover the lineup, and it doesn’t exactly make for ideal conditions if you’re a beginner surfer. Only the most serious surfer will be out in the winter; but when the sun comes out and the fog clears, Lima can be learner-friendly. There’s nothing better to beat the heat than surfing in the Pacific Ocean.

Ride bikes

The Malecón (boardwalk) in Miraflores is the highlight of many people’s visits to Lima – but only when the sun is out. The sun brings Lima’s boardwalk to life. You’ll find people slacklining, juggling, playing with dogs, practicing yoga, and riding bikes. Riding down the boardwalk on a bike is unbeatable when the sun is out, and the noise of Lima’s chaotic traffic is cancelled out by the sound of waves and the wind in your ears.

Surf | © branquay1 / Pixabay

Head to the beach

As good as abandoned during the winter, Lima’s beaches see throngs of people in the summer. They become places to be and to hang out at. Don’t expect white sandy beaches and warm water, but some sand will do, especially in a city that has a coastline mostly covered in rocks. The best beaches are just below Barranco.

Swim with seals

Swimming with seals has recently become a popular tourist attraction. The only problem is that the island with all the seals is off the coast of Lima, and during the winter is almost always covered in a thick fog. The summer allows you to see the sea lions and their pups better, which will make for a more rewarding experience, and much better pictures.

Seals | © skeeze / Pixabay

Catch the sunset

The luxury of seeing a sunset is something that should never be taken for granted. Lima has some of the best sunsets in the world – when they are visible. Head to Lacomar, Lima’s outdoor mall, grab a cocktail at one of the restaurants overlooking the ocean, and enjoy.

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