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13 Things You Can Only Buy in Peru
Mia Spingola | © Culture Trip
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13 Things You Can Only Buy in Peru

Picture of Brandon Dupre
Updated: 20 December 2017
Peru has the best, most unique souvenirs in the world, but because there are so many different things to choose from and so many markets to visit, buying them can be a daunting task. We’ve simplified your shopping experience with this list of the most interesting Peruvian souvenirs you’ll only find in Peru.


No trip to Peru is complete without a textile to bring home. Peruvian textiles are beautiful works of art and living pieces of history. With so many textile communities to visit, you’re sure to find a truly unique piece.

Mia Spingola | © Culture Trip

Dried sweetcorn

Peru is the land of potatoes and corn. While corn is eaten everywhere, it is also used in many drinks like chicha morada and chicha de jora, the later being an alcoholic version originating from the Incas who frequently used it in ceremonies.

Mia Spingola | © Culture Trip

Friendship bracelets

Bracelets, bracelets and more bracelets is what you’ll find wherever you go in Peru and they’re the perfect gift for friends and family.

Mia Spingola | © Culture Trip

Ponchos and alpaca clothing

Traditional Andean clothing like ponchos are fun items to bring back home with you. They look cool, are made by hand, and will always remind you of the people of the Andes and their great traditions.

Mia Spingola | © Culture Trip

Chullo hat

The ear-flapped beanies are part of any traditional Andean outfit and help a lot when fighting those cold Andean nights.

Mia Spingola | © Culture Trip

Handmade artwork and postcards

Andean artwork is very unique and has a distinct history within Cusco and Peru, often depicting the confluence of Catholic and Andean traditions. It will be unlike anything you find at home.

Mia Spingola | © Culture Trip

Natural dyed string

If you truly get into Peruvian textile-making, you should come back with your own textile-making kit of colorful, natural string. And, if you want to learn how to make textiles on your own, there are plenty of classes and tours you can take to see how Peruvian women work. They might even give you some pointers.

Mia Spingola | © Culture Trip

Peruvian woven rugs

If you end up loving Peruvian textiles, take your obsession to the next level with a Peruvian rug. It may be a bit heavy to carry around, but once you see it on your living room floor the hassle will have been worth it.

Mia Spingola | © Culture Trip

Painted wooden bowls

You’ll find Incan museums all over Peru displaying their main artifact—clay bowls. Poetry and other clay designs are staples of Incan culture and were used as a way to tell the stories and histories of their people. Bring a piece of their history home with you in the form of a wooden bowl to remember your time in Peru.

Mia Spingola | © Culture Trip

Alpaca dolls

The loveably, fluffy alpaca can be found all over the Andean region of Peru. While you won’t be able to bring one home with you, you can do the next best thing—buy an alpaca doll made with real alpaca fur to remind you of the furry creatures.

Mia Spingola | © Culture Trip

Peruvian spices

Peruvians are internationally known for their food, so why not bring home some of the ingredients that make their cuisine so delicious?

Mia Spingola | © Culture Trip


Complete your Andean wardrobe with a scarf made out of real alpaca fibers—better yet, take it a step further and buy one that uses baby alpaca fur.

Mia Spingola | © Culture Trip


Peru is home to some of the best chocaolate in the world. No matter what city you find yourself in, you’ll encounter some delicious Peruvian chocolate that you’ll like too much not to bring back home.

Mia Spingola | © Culture Trip