The Top 10 Cultural Restaurants In Asunción, Paraguay

Asunci—n, Paraguay | © Arcadiuš/Flickr
Asunci—n, Paraguay | © Arcadiuš/Flickr
Asuncion will take the gourmand traveler on an unforgettable tour of fine dining, native Paraguayan cuisine and dazzling spices. While barbecued meat, known in Spanish as asado, is definitely a favorite on the national menu, freshly squeezed juices, crunchy vegetables and succulent meats are bound to delight as well. Here are 10 of the best cultural restaurants in the Paraguayan capital.
Sunset Over the River Paraguay | © Arcadiuš/Flickr
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Pork Tenderloin is One such Dish on the Menu

Pork Tenderloin is One such Dish on the Menu | © simmsrestaurants/Flickr

Founded in 1976, the Talleyrand was the first architectural complex in Asunción built specifically to house a restaurant. The addition of private lounges to the premises was also an unprecedented idea at the time, which underlines Talleyrand’s innovative character. For those familiar with French history, the restaurant’s name may ring a bell as the establishment was named after Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord, a French diplomat who played a key role during the French Revolution. Mainly offering French bistro cuisine, the restaurant also serves up Mediterranean dishes and succulent meats, such as pork tenderloin with apple chutney, honey and ginger, or Café Paris tournedos prepared with almonds and 14 herbs. With its colonial-style decor, low beams and tapestry chairs, Talleyrand is a piece of historic heritage served with a modern French twist.

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Mburicao Restaurante

Located in a pleasant neighborhood, the Mburicao Restaurante has been delighting its customers since 1995. It is a place where French and Italian cuisines meet Paraguayan flavors, smells and textures. Innovative dishes such as chicken with lemonade risotto or the lamb payagua bring out the nuances of South American ingredients in sophisticated arrangements. In the warm and comfortable atmosphere of the airy dining room, wood and soft Mediterranean colors are predominant. While the food and atmosphere are certainly inviting, Mburicao gains extra points for its collection of Koki Ruiz’s paintings, which adorn the walls with splashes of color, energy and emotion.

Mburicao Restaurante, Prof. Antonio Riobó 737, Asunción, Paraguay, +595 21 660 048

El Dorado

Originally located in an old colonial house, the El Dorado restaurant recently moved near the Paeso Carmelitas shopping center. With a number of reviews in glossy magazines, this restaurant has garnered praise for its international fusion menu and generous wine cellar. The chef’s suggestions, including the pheasant with port sauce or surubi fish served with Roquefort, appear in audacious and sophisticated compositions, which surprise and delight the palate. With its contemporary décor, modern art on the walls, and exciting atmosphere, El Dorado is one of the most elegant and raved about dining venues in Asuncion.

El Dorado, Senador Long 642, casi Doctor Eusebio Lillo in Villa Morra,+595 21 665 165