The Top 10 Restaurants in Encarnacion, Paraguay

Encarnacion | © Myparaguay /Wikipedia
Encarnacion | © Myparaguay /Wikipedia | © Myparaguay /Wikipedia
Straddling the border with Argentina on the banks of the mighty Parana River, Encarnacion offers plenty of pleasant restaurants despite its modest size. Traditional Paraguayan fare is obviously the most abundant, particularly their mouthwatering barbeque steakhouses which rival those across the border. Other exquisite options also abound and Culture Trip have put together a list of the best.

Novo Rodeio

Restaurant, Steakhouse, $$$

For the best-grilled meat in town served by an army of well-dressed and attentive waiters, pay a visit to this divine Churrasqueira. The salad bar and other sides (including sushi and ceviche) tend to be all-you-can-eat so you’ll be sure to leave gluttonously full.

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El Tomate II

Food Kiosk, Fast Food, $$$

Aside from their burgers, sandwiches and other fast food goodies, El Tomate II is an excellent place to start the day with some oven-fresh empanadas. It’s conveniently located just two blocks from the central plaza.

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Milord Hotel Boutique

Boutique Hotel Restaurant, Italian, French, $$$

Set in one of the city’s finest boutique hotels, this delightful restaurant features a talented internationally trained head chef, an elegant outdoor patio, excellent service, and the finest French and Italian fare in the city. It may be considerably more expensive than other spots in town, but it is definitely vale la pena (worth it).

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Hiroshima Restaurant

Restaurant, Japanese, $$$

Those with a craving for some tasty Japanese cuisine such as sushi, sashimi, or Gyoza would be wise to make a beeline for this local favorite. Best of all, despite being among the greatest Asian restaurants in the country, it works out to be quite reasonably priced as well.

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Sandwich Shop, Middle Eastern, $$$

Habib and his team of hardworking kebab technicians have got the Arabic market cornered in Encarnacion, pumping out a delicious selection of lomito Arabes all night long. Much like elsewhere in the world, they are the perfect late night snack after a lengthy drinking session.

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Vicio's Restaurant

Restaurant, South American, North American, $$$
Encarnacion restaurant
Vicio's | Courtesy of Vicio's

A popular contemporary restaurant in the city center, Vicio’s excels with its delicious steaks and meaty shishkebabs accompanied by a generous portion of sides. If the weather is temperate enough, opt for a seat in the outdoor dining section with elevated views to watch the world go by.

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Gosh Delicatessen

Sandwich Shop, Contemporary, $$$

The fantastic multitiered sandwiches at this unpretentious establishment have led many a gringo to yell, “Oh my Gosh!” Happy customers get to choose their own ingredients Subway style to create cheap but incredible sandwiches and subs.

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Heladería Mako

Ice Cream Parlour, Cafe, Ice Cream, Dessert, $$$

Sweet tooths rejoice, for Heladería Mako has enough pastries, ice creams, and cakes to satisfy even the most severe sugar craving. Bright, modern decor with powerful airconditioning and decadent ice coffee make it the perfect place to beat the heat.

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