The Most Beautiful Beaches in the Galapagos Islands

Tortuga Bay | © Vibeke Johannessen / The Viking Abroad
Tortuga Bay | © Vibeke Johannessen / The Viking Abroad
Photo of Vibeke Johannessen
12 October 2017

The Galapagos Islands are not only home to some of the most unique species in the world, but they also have among of the most beautiful beaches. Relax with sea lions, iguanas, and birds on the whitest sand you have ever seen. Here is a guide to the best beaches in the Galapagos Islands.

Tortuga Bay, Santa Cruz Island

Tortuga Bay is the most popular beach in the Galapagos Islands and one of the best beaches in the world. After a 30-minute walk from central Puerto Ayora, you will see marine iguanas chilling in the white sand and in the turquoise water. Tortuga Bay is a great place to be during turtle nesting season.

Tortuga Bay | © Vibeke Johannessen / The Viking Abroad

Bartolome Island beach

Bartolome is famous for the iconic landscape of the Pinnacle Rock. Enjoy the pink and white crescent-shaped cove, with sea turtles, penguins, and playful sea lions. This beach is perfect for snorkelling enthusiasts.

Galapagos Islands | © Arnie Papp/ Flickr

El Garrapatero, Santa Cruz Island

El Garrapatero, or beach of the ticks, is a gorgeous and less crowded beach 30 minutes’ drive from Puerto Ayora. If you get there early in the morning you might be the first person to step in the sand and enjoy the whole beach by yourself. Flamingos can be spotted here, too.

El Garrapatero | © Vibeke Johannessen/ The Viking Abroad

Post Office Bay, Floreana Island

You might wonder why it is called Post Office Bay. The bay has a fascinating history of homesick whalers finding solutions to communication problems. They left letters at Floreana Island to passing ships going to the US or the UK. The mail could take years to deliver. And yet the enterprise is still operating today. Many tourists drop their mail in the post box and others deliver it and tell the tales behind it.

The barrel at Post Office Bay, Floreana Island | © NH53/ Flickr

Puerto Chino, San Cristobal

Follow a pathway for 20 minutes from the parking lot and you will find the beautiful Puerto Chino beach. It’s a great place for families and to cool off in the afternoon. At this rocky beach you can spot finches and sea lions.

Galapagos With Germans | © Leo D'lion/ Flickr

Bachas Beach, Santa Cruz

Bachas Beach is located just north of Santa Cruz. Expect only calm waves, which are perfect for a chill day at the beach surrounded by light-footed crabs and fish. You might also see flamingos in the lagoon. You can also spot parts of an abandoned rusty barge from WWII. The reason it is called Bachas because they couldn’t say “barges.”

Bachas Beach | © Vibeke Johannessen/ The Viking Abroad

Puerto Villamil, Isabela Island

Puerto Villamil beach is one of the longest beaches in the Galapagos Islands, stretching for about 3km. The beach is a paradise for flamingos and you are certain to spot marine iguanas.

Puerto Villamil | © Vibeke Johannessen/ The Viking Abroad

Red Sand Beach, Rabida Island

How often do you see a red sand beach? Red Sand beach in Rabida is a unique beach that allows you to surround yourself with blue-footed boobies, brown pelicans, finches, and sea lions. It might not be the best beach for crawling in the sand for hours, but its unique sand makes it a perfect destination for hiking and observing the wildlife, and for taking photos of course.

Sea lion sleeping on the red sand beach of Rabida Island in the Galapagos Islands. | © John Solaro/ Flickr

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