The Best Wildlife Photographers in Ecuador

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Cayambe Coca National Park, Ecuador | © Carine06 / Flickr</a>
<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Cayambe Coca National Park, Ecuador | © Carine06 / Flickr</a>
Photo of Angela Drake
Founder, Not Your Average American24 July 2017

Ecuador is full of inspiration, so it should be no surprise that photographers from around the world come to this small but diverse country to document its natural wonders. These six photographers live in Ecuador and all work in tourism, introducing international visitors to the amazing diversity found in Amazon Basin, along the pacific coast, and on both east and west slopes of the Andes.

Paolo David Escobar R.

Escobar has always been fascinated by the biodiversity of his home country. He decided to combine his love of nature with his passion for photography and is the co-founder of NeoSelva, a relatively new addition to Ecuador’s tourism scene. While he is currently working on a guide to amphibians and reptiles of Selva Virgen, he takes the time to guide international tourists to some of his favorite destinations.

Javier Zurita

A student of Tourism Administration at the Equinoctial Technological University in Quito, Javier has been a photographer since 2012 and uses his talent to help promote the natural beauty of Ecuador. Javier currently works at NeoSelva, where he manages the photography team and leads tours.

Luis Alcivar

Alcivar is a proud Ecuadorian with over 15 years of bird-watching experience. He learned both guiding and photography working beside his father, Jorge Cruz, owner of several well-known birding lodges and small reserves in Ecuador. Alcivar has perfected the art of natural light photography of birds, an especially difficult task in the low light conditions of many cloud forest locations. He captures birds in flight in poses that make them look they were standing still.

Javier Aznar

Javier Aznar, originally from Spain, is both a biologist and a nature photographer who specializes in macro-photography. He has won many awards and collaborates with the international project, Meet Your Neighbours, and with Moroccoherps.

Humberto Antonio Castillo

Attracted by the volcanoes and wildlife, Castillo moved to Ecuador after visiting in 2015. He appreciates Ecuador’s extreme diversity of habitats, easily traversed in a relatively short amount of time, and Castillo chose to move to the Amazon Basin for the good weather and the kindness of the local people. He still dreams of photographing three species that yet escape him: the jaguar, harpy eagle, and venomous pit viper.

Sebastián Rodríguez

While Rodríguez does not specialize in wildlife photography, his work deserves notice as he documents a unique habitat: the high Andes of Ecuador. His most impressive works are long exposure shots taken in the Andes, which reveal the subtle beauty of ash and smoke, changing clouds, and passing stars. Rodríguez is the founder of Foto Club Quito and currently works with Mountain Pixel Tours.

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