The Best Day Trips From Cuenca, Ecuador

Cojitambo, Ecuador | © Angie Drake / Flickr
Cojitambo, Ecuador | © Angie Drake / Flickr
Photo of Angela Drake
Founder, Not Your Average American18 September 2017

Cuenca is more than just a great place for retiring expats. This UNESCO World Heritage Site makes a perfect base for exploring the central Andes of Ecuador. Small towns with a rich cultural tradition of handicrafts, spa resorts, pre-Columbian ancient ruins and one of the most stunning national parks in the country all lie a couple of hours from the city center.


While the Inca invaded these lands only a few decades before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors, they left intriguing remains like the golden-green walls of the Temple of the Sun at Ingapirca. This archaeology park protects both Incan and Cañari ruins, providing interpretive signs in Spanish along the trails.

Ingapirca, Cañar, Ecuador

Ingapirca | © Delphine Ménard / WikiCommons


Chordeleg is home to many artisans. Some work with paja toquilla, the straw used to weave the iconic Panama Hats; others with looms to make macanas, a type of shawl similar to an ikat; and a few work with silver, crafting the delicate filigree jewelry famous in the Azuay Province.

Chordeleg, Azuay, Ecuador

Macanas Workshop, Chordeleg, Ecuador | © Ministerio del Turismo Ecuador / Flickr


Learn more about the history of the Panama Hat and understand its Ecuadorian origins with a visit to Sigsig. In 2012, UNESCO declared the methods of making these straw hats an intangible cultural heritage that deserves protection. A day trip to Sigsig is often combined with Chordeleg and Gualaceo.

Sigsig, Azuay, Ecuador

Making Straw Hats, Sigsig, Ecuador | © M M / Flickr


The small town of Cojitambo is nestled in a valley below a set of Incan ruins. Both locations are worth visiting, the town for its quaintness and photo-worthy plaza, the ruins for their uniqueness. The Inca made some progress in the conquest of Ecuador but left few sites as intact as Cojitambo.

Cojitambo, Cañar, Ecuador

Cojitambo, Ecuador | © Angie Drake / Flickr


Not to be confused with Baños de Agua Santa located further to the north, this Baños is also a spa town. Enjoy the hot mineral water baths after hiking local nature trails or exploring the small town and the unconventional blue and white church with its rounded twin towers.

Baños, Azuay, Ecuador


The capital of the Cañar Province, Azogues is home to archaeology museums, historic churches and artisan workshops. Several protected forests provide outdoor adventure nearby. This small city is a great way to explore the Ecuadorian Andes while escaping the majority of tour groups headed to better-known locations.

Azogues, Cañar, Ecuador

Early Morning in Azogues, Ecuador | © Angie Drake / Flickr