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Rucu Pichincha © Vibeke Johannessen / Thevikingabroad
Rucu Pichincha © Vibeke Johannessen / Thevikingabroad

The 10 Most Spectacular Andean Peaks in Ecuador

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Updated: 19 October 2017
As the home of the third-highest active volcano in the world and one of the highest mountains on earth, Ecuador is a haven for climbing volcanoes and other mountain peaks. Here are 10 of the most stunning peaks in the Ecuadorian Andes.

Volcán Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi, just recently reopened for hiking after being closed since the August 2015 eruption, is the third highest active volcano in the world. Reaching the summit is not the most difficult in the world; however, it is a technical climb that requires special equipment. Less than half of climbers actually reach it because of altitude sickness and poor acclimatization, but those up for the challenge should book a tour in advance.

Volcán Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Volcán Rucu Pichincha

Rucu Pichincha is one of the most visited attractions in Quito, and can be reached with TeleferiQo cable car to enjoy the fantastic view of the city; from there, it takes approximately three hours to walk up to the summit of Rucu Pichincha. It’s best to go in the morning before the rains that often start after 1p.m. and to bring along someone who knows the way. Bonus: rabbits, curiquingue falcons, and chuquiragua flowers can be spotted along the route.

Volcán Rucu Pichincha, Ecuador

Rucu Pichincha
Rucu Pichincha | © Vibeke Johannessen / Thevikingabroad

Laguna Quilotoa

A hidden gem in Ecuador, Quilotoa is a spectacular lagoon within a volcano crater. On cloudless days, it looks like a turquoise