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Prod: @weareklueless Ph: @dayocoestudio I Model: @virginialimongis I make up: @nico_mua
Prod: @weareklueless Ph: @dayocoestudio I Model: @virginialimongis I make up: @nico_mua
Photo of Carolina Loza Leon
9 August 2017

Fashion is a dialogue, rather than something imposed. Bloggers are the ones to attribute for this and their influence in fashion is crucial nowadays. These bloggers from Quito have a different focus, come from different walks of life and are one of the reasons why Ecuador has a growing fashion industry, often bringing clothes from abroad and influencing designers in the process. Meet these trailblazers.

Lifestyle Kiki

Morena Cardona, as she is known, is a woman that comes from the advertising world. Her blog is influenced by those creative, daring fashionistas and artists she’s met and interviewed. Lifestyle Kiki has been one of the pioneers in street – as in, going out and actually photographing people – that has contributed with fashion designers and brands, making Quito streets a little more fashionable.

Eureka Cool Hunting

Eureka is a blog that explores styles by the author, Mae Guerrero. Guerrero opted to do photo shoots and lately – the blog finds itself currently on hold – photo shoots on makeup production. Mae has also been the promoter behind thrift stores – a concept for fashion finds gaining spaces in Ecuador – as her Adefecio thrift shop fair continues to resonate on Quito streets.

Still from Eureka Cool Hunting Blog

The Mayor’s Statement

The Mayor’s Statement is a visual part travelogue/part fashion blog by Ecuadorian designer Hugo Checa, who designs for one of the biggest fashion brands in the countries. His aim has been to find new places as well as brands that bring new elements to the table when it comes to men’s fashion, hunting for places with good fashion finds or trendy places and restaurants in Quito. Hugo also shares his every day activities and fashion events with other fashion bloggers.

Hugo, author of The Mayor's Statement

The Style Republic

Despite having a heavy Eurocentric influence, The Style Republic has been a breath of fresh air in Ecuador’s fashion scene, reflecting its author’s influences and styles that reveal a look for outside trends, in a country where fashion was not relevant until 3 years or so ago. There is something poetic on The Style Republic; its research on trends as well as its link with the arts makes it a blog that vibrates with the pulse of the contemporary arts scene in Ecuador.

Dayoco Studio

When it comes to visual blogs, fashion in Ecuador, most of the photography and infrastructure for the productions you see, you might find yourself thinking of Dayo Valdivieso. She is a photographer with a strong work ethic that has driven her from her various university initiatives to photograph fashion, creating spaces and collaborations that have been crucial. Her studio goes by the motto “doing what you love today and always”. That passion has given so much to the Ecuadorian fashion industry.

Prod: @weareklueless Ph: @dayocoestudio I Model: @virginialimongis I make up: @nico_mua

Front Row

Cristina, a fashion producer and editor has had extensive experience working in fashion and her blog was set out to work in a growing industry and contribute to it. In a short time, Front Row has become a reference for designers as well as public and consumers looking for tips and places to go.

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