9 Ecuadorian Food Bloggers You Need to Know

Encebollado | © Ministerio de Turismo Ecuador/ Flickr
Encebollado | © Ministerio de Turismo Ecuador/ Flickr
Whether it’s seafood dishes from the Pacific Coast or roast pork and guinea pig from the high Andes, Ecuadorian cuisine deserves a wider audience. These food bloggers from Ecuador provide insight into a diverse culinary scene where many of the favorite foods are blends of indigenous and European cultures.

Recetas de Laylita

One of the few food bloggers writing in both English and Spanish, Laylita provides hundreds of recipes for traditional Ecuadorian dishes, like fresh seafood ceviches and breakfast dishes made from plantains. While currently living in the United States, Laylita is from Vilcabamba, Ecuador.

Mortero de Piedra

If you want to keep up with the rapidly evolving restaurant scene in Quito, follow Mortero de Piedra. Food journalist Ivanna Zauzich keeps up with the latest trends, including international and fusion cuisine, and also writes about local cooking classes, gastronomy festivals, and food tourism.

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Cocina Nativa

Chef Luis Narváez writes Cocina Nativa, a blog dedicated to Ecuadorian cuisine and local products. He shares traditional recipes like Cazuela de Pescado, or fish casserole, as well as some fusion dishes, like Tiramisu de Higos made with figs soaked in sugar syrup.

Confieso que Cocino

Although Pilar Woloszyn was born in Chile, she currently lives in Quito after having lived in the port city of Guayaquil, Ecuador. An honorary Ecuadorian, she is a self-taught chef who loves working with local ingredients, whether it is to make traditional encebollado, the fish soup beloved by Ecuadorians for breakfast, or fusion-style crepes de maracuya, using local passion fruit.

Alex Clavijo

A proud native of Guayaquil, chef Alex Clavijo currently lives in San Cugat, Spain, and is a chef at the Restaurante Vadebacus. He recently appeared on Top Chef, where he introduced Ecuadorian cuisine to an international audience. While his blog is light on entries, it is worth checking out his Top Chef moments.

Comidas Que Curan

This bilingual project is a collaboration between anthropologists, educators, and filmmakers wanting to document, “the good practices found in the healing and food traditions of Ecuador.” The blog is full of great recipes such as maito de cachama, a freshwater fish steamed in banana leaves, and information on food practices like the making of coconut oil.

Ecuador Gourmet Company

The blog of the Ecuador Gourmet Company covers food news in Quito. They pay close attention to traditional foods, such as colada morada and guagua de pan, that are eaten in the days leading up to the Day of the Dead festival at the beginning of November. The blog includes a helpful break down of restaurants by Quito neighborhood.

Comida Equatorianas

This simple no-nonsense blog provides recipe after recipe for traditional Ecuadorian dishes. Some of them, like the chontacuros a la parilla, might come as a surprise to non-Ecuadorian readers. If you’re missing basic ingredients like the sal prieta needed to make so many other recipes, or just pining for a sip of rompope, a drink similar to eggnog, this is a blog you must check out.

Biscotti Galletas Artesanales

While not dedicated entirely to cookies and cakes, the Biscotti Galletas Artesanales’ most popular articles are recipes for baking yummy sweet treats. Fortunately, if you would prefer to try their products firsthand, their baked goods are available in many cafes around the city of Guayaquil.