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Guayaquil, Ecuador | © Jess Kraft/Shutterstock
Guayaquil, Ecuador | © Jess Kraft/Shutterstock

11 Things Ecuadorians Are Weirdly Passionate About

Picture of Vibeke Johannessen
Updated: 3 November 2017
If there’s something foreigners have a hard time understanding about Ecuadorians, it would be some of the country’s colorful habits and obsessions. Whether it is drinking instant coffee really late or watching weird TV shows, Ecuadorians will not let these habits go.

Almuerzo con arroz (lunch with rice)

Lunch (almuerzo) is the most important meal in Ecuador, and the huge meal often serves as dinner as well. Many people get up to two hours break from 1.p.m. at work to eat lunch, which almost always includes rice. In almuerzo restaurants, Diners will even ask “¿Qué hay de arroz hoy?” (“What’s the rice served with today?”)

Grilled fish – Tilapia Rio Negro, Ecuador
Grilled fish – Tilapia Rio Negro, Ecuador | © Marcelina Zygula/Shutterstock

Weird TV shows