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Lalocalidad Galeria © Lalocalidad / Facebook
Lalocalidad Galeria © Lalocalidad / Facebook
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Top Contemporary Art Galleries in Colombia

Picture of Anny Wooldridge
Owner of Anny's Adventures Travel Blog
Updated: 1 May 2017
Colombia’s art scene is thriving with the help of its galleries, artists, fairs and collectors. The increase in demand within the big cities is producing a huge contemporary art culture and new galleries are opening all over Colombia. The country is catching everyone in the Latin American art scene’s eye and taking the world by storm.
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Neebex is a contemporary art gallery located in Colombia’s capital, Bogota within its historic district of La Candelaria. The gallery was created by Thierry Harribey, a Frenchmen who decided to restore his old colonial home and turn it into a small independent art gallery. His gallery contains an academy for development, cultural exhibits, and offers tours and spaces for young Colombian artists to showcase their skills. Neebex also hosts a number of events including film showings and live productions.

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Galeria Jenny Vila

Galeria Jenny Vila is located in Colombia’s third biggest city and the well-known salsa capital of the world, Cali. The gallery was constructed in 1987 and is a great place to see contemporary Colombian art, specialising in work by young Colombian artists.

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Lalocalidad is a unique gallery located in Bogota’s colonial neighbourhood of Usaquen, an alternative space for culture, social events, art and activities. A yoga and fitness studio are also located within the building, alongside a 800 meter square exhibition space and art workshop. A number of events take place within the gallery including art, album and book launches.

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Lokkus Contemporary Art Gallery

Lokkus Arte Contemporary is a fantastic space located in Colombia’s second biggest city, Medellin. The gallery acts as a platform for artists and aims to open a dialogue with critics and audience alike, with this in mind it has a stage to showcase art and performances. Lokkus features exhibits and pieces from many artists including: Nicolas Gomez, Echevern, Juan David Henao, Walter Iraheta, Abigail Vallejo, Simon Vega, Jose Ignacion Velez and Santiago Velez.

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NH Galeria

NH Galeria is located within Cartagena’s colonial old city. This gallery was first opened in 2011 and has become a great place for emerging and established cultural artists to showcase their work. With over 19 featured artists and a steady schedule of exhibitions, it is turning into a major international gallery. It has connections with Nohra Haime Gallery in New York City, and features art in a variety of mediums including: paintings prints, sculptures, photographs and videos.