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Colombian fashion | © Dr EG/Flickr
Colombian fashion | © Dr EG/Flickr
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The Top 8 Fashion Boutiques in Bogota

Picture of Anny Wooldridge
Updated: 24 May 2017
Colombia is becoming a top player in the fashion industry, with its own fashion week and the country’s top designers appearing in high-profile shows all over the world. Colombia’s fashion designers, and especially those of Bogota, are taking the world by storm, appearing in New York and Milan alongside the best designers in the world. Many of Colombia’s top designers have opened boutique stores in the capital Bogotá, selling unique and popular pieces, as well as stores selling products from a number of designers. Here’s the lowdown on the best of them.
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Bendita Seas

Bendita Seas is a boutique fashion store located in the upmarket El Retiro neighbourhood of Bogota. Bendita Seas is a fun and well-organised store, home to uniquely coloured, retro styles and timeless standout pieces. The store was opened in 2005 by designer Viviana Alba Courrau, who has created pieces for outgoing, creative women.

Bendita Seas, Calle 82 #11-75, Bogota, Colombia, +57-1-3764065

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Olga Piedrahita

Olga Piedrahita is a fashion designer from Medellín, who creates pieces using unique textiles, prints and textures inspired by the Amazon Rainforest, with wrinkled and pleated fabrics giving a sense of movement. The boutique store sell upscale garments and a variety of other elegant products.

Olga Piedrahita, Carrera 14a #82-36, Bogota, Colombia, +57 (1) 622 8681

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Johana Cano – Women’s Boutique

Johana Cano is a women’s boutique store located in El Retrio, Bogota. This boutique store contains beautiful and unique contemporary objects, with a variety of products from a large number of designers. Products include dresses, shoes, shirts, pants and accessories. The store is organised and displayed in a welcoming and enjoyable way.

Johana Cano, Calle 82 #10-90, Bogota, Colombia, 57 (1) 645 3064

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Dulce Menta

Dulce Menta is a fashion boutique store located close to Bogota’s fashionable Andino Mall. It carries products from over 100 fashion designers, with a variety of products including accessories, sportwear, bags, make-up, menswear, swimwear, and womenswear.

Dulce Menta, Calle 82 #11-18, Bogota, Colombia, +57 (1) 300 315 6617

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Pepa Pombo

Pepa Pombo is fashion company named after its owner Pepa Pombo, who was a leading fashion designer in the 1980s in Mexico and Colombia. The company is now run by her daughter, Monica Holguin, who has been designing and running the company since 2002. Pepa Pombo is famous for producing ready-to-wear knitwear in eye-catching styles, and for combinations of different Colombian styles. The company has been popular since it was founded in 1978, and it now has a store in Bogota’s most prestigious fashion district.

Pepa Pombo, Carrera 14 #83-46, Bogota, Colombia, +57 (1) 236 5958

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Silvia Tcherassi

Silvia Tcherassi is a Colombian fashion designer who has a boutique store close to Andino Mall in Bogota. Tcherassi was the first Latin American designer to be invited to both Milan and Paris fashion weeks. Her pieces are made from luxurious fabrics and chic materials, and she is one of the most acclaimed designers in Latin America, with timeless collections appearing all over the world.

Silvia Tcherassi, Carrera 12 #84-17, Bogota, Colombia, +57 (1) 635 0540

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Johanna Rubiano

Johanna Rubiano is a fashion designer who began working in the fashion industry in 1993. Rubiano uses luxurious, detailed and high-quality materials for its pieces. The store is aimed at modern women who want to stand out, and is highly reputable in the fashion industry in Latin American markets and worldwide. It stocks a diverse range of garments and accessories.

Johanna Rubiano, Calle 82 #12-62, Bogota, Colombia, +57 (1) 704 8916

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Amelia Toro

Amelia Toro is a fashion designer who was born and raised in Bogota. Her work has appeared in New York fashion week, and she now has a store in her home city. A designer with a conscience, Toro employs single mothers to make her pieces, and ensures that they are treated fairly and that their children get a good education.

Amelia Toro, Calle 82 #12-10, Bogota, Colombia, +57 (1) 610 9296