The Top 12 Flea Markets and Thrift Stores in Bogotá

Vintage cases I © Drew Coffman/Flickr
Vintage cases I © Drew Coffman/Flickr
Photo of Anny Wooldridge
20 May 2017

Bogotá is a large city spread across Colombia‘s Andes Region, high in the mountains. The city has a big market culture, with a large number of markets offering a variety of products each and every day, not to mention some fantastic thrift stores. Take a look at our guide for the best addresses to purchase unique products at bargain prices.

The city’s second-hand store culture is up and coming, with new locations opening all the time, filling in the gap in the market for thrift or vintage stores. Many of these stores contain designer items at high reduced costs and are well worth a rummage.

Universitarios 2

Universitarios 2 is a second-hand thrift store situated on Avenue Caracas, within the Marly neighbourhood of the city. This store is organised, and clothes are displayed in an ordered manner, making products easy to find. Universitarios 2 is a great place to find bargain, especially with men’s clothes and outerwear.

Universitarios 2, Avenue Caracas #50-08, Bogotá, Colombia, +57 1 5106375

La Gran Bodega

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La Gran Bodega is a thrift store containing a large variety of second-hand items for sale at bargain prices. While La Gran Bodega is a cluttered store, gems can be found after searching through the items. This store is a great place to find a large range of women’s clothes in good condition. Located in the Marly neighbourhood, this store is easy to find and a great place to discover some fantastic buys.

William Rodriguez

William Rodriguez is a thrift store located in Marly close to Avenue Caracas. This thrift store is a great place to find women’s clothes as well as handbags – after a search through the unorganised arrangements, bargains can be found so it’s definitely worth taking time to discover bargains and one-of-a kind items.

William Rodriguez, Avenue Caracas #50-58, Bogotá, Colombia

San Victornio

San Victornio is a flea market-style area close to Bogotá’s historic district. San Victornio stretches over a vast area, with a large number of indoor mall sections, underground stores, and upstairs stores – every square inch of this area contains a store or flea market-style store. In San Victornio visitors can buy anything and everything, from clothes to home goods and cleaning products. Divided into sections, each area contains a number of stores selling similar products – it’s a great place to buy a bargain and negotiate prices.

San Victornio, Carrera 10-14 #9-13, Bogotá, Colombia

San Alejo Mercado de Pulgas

San Alejo Mercado de Pulgas is a Sunday flea market containing a large number of stalls selling vintage products and antique products, as well as art and gifts. Many of these stalls offer or resell second-hand items, meaning it’s a great place to negotiate and discover bargains. Covering two blocks, this market is a popular place for visitors on Sundays and a good place to take in the atmosphere and culture.

San Alejo Mercado de Pulgas, Carrera 7 #24-25, Bogotá, Colombia, +57 1 2831073

Mercado de las Pulgas de Usaquén

Usaquén’s Sunday market is a bustling area containing a number of smaller sub-markets all over the colonial neighbourhood. Locals and visitors travel from all over the city to discover and purchase unique artisanal handmade products or souvenirs, as well as delicious fresh foods and craft items. Usaquén provides the perfect colonial and historic backdrop for the market, with small streets, cathedral, lively plaza and delicious one-of-a-kind restaurants serving breakfast, brunch and lunch.

Librería Errata

Librería Errata is a unique second-hand store, specialising in antiques, books, furniture and decorations. Located in a busy university and business neighbourhood, this store sells new books and buys books to resell in all genres from architecture and art, through to literature and philosophy. The store specialises in quirky, traditional and ordinary products, but has a large book, art and postcard section.

Librería Errata, Carrera 9 #61-16, Bogotá, Colombia, +57 1 2496234

Vintage Lab

Vintage Lab is a thrift second-hand store located in the Chapinero neighbourhood of Bogotá. Owned and run by Natalia and Andrea Lopez, whose passion for antiques sees them spending time searching for unique items at flea markets all over the city, even venturing overseas to find items, Vintage Lab opened in 2006 when they discovered a gap in the market for vintage clothes. Today they have a thriving store, filled with incredible finds and designer items, sold at very reasonable prices.

Very Vintage, Carrera 6 #56-42, Bogotá, Colombia

Chiros Elegantes

Chiros Elegantes is a vintage thrift store located in Chapinero, Bogotá, and is home to unique vintage and second-hand goods. Diana Lucia Giraldo Gomez, an ex-lawyer, decided to follow her passion and open a vintage store selling clothes, accessories, purses, handbags and many more products. Diana picks out and sources every item, and specialises in selling second-hand designer products at reasonable prices. Her store is vibrant and resembles a treasure trove, containing a large number of items.

Chiros Elegantes, Carrera 11 #67-32, Bogotá, Colombia, + 57 1 3104922

Cambalache Vintage

Cambalache Vintage is a vintage second-hand store located in the north of Bogotá, close to the Usaquén neighbourhood, featuring a wide range of clothes, for children, women and men. Cambalache Vintage works by individuals giving the store products on consignment for a period of up to three months – if the product is sold within this time, the store receives 50% of the profits and the other 50% goes to the previous owner. If the product is not sold within this time, the previous owner can receive the items back or they can be donated to charity.

Cambalache Vintage, Carrera 7bis #123-45, Bogotá, Colombia, +57 1 5238183

Las Aguas

Las Aguas is a Sunday market located in a car park close to La Candelaria, where you can find up to 80 stalls selling second-hand quirky items, clothes, furniture, vinyls and CDs among a large number of other products. While you won’t find your traditional artisan products here, there is a great deal of vintage on offer in this relaxed environment, the perfect place for practising Spanish and meeting locals.

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