The Top 10 Things to See and Do in Bucaramanga, Colombia

Bucaramanga, Colombia | © Chris Bell/Culture Trip
Bucaramanga, Colombia | © Chris Bell/Culture Trip
Photo of Chris Bell
19 February 2018

Known as “the pretty city of Colombia,” Bucaramanga is the capital city of the country’s Santander department and has pleasant weather, many parks and gardens and more to offer than you may think. Read on for the best ways to make the most of your time in the city—you might even decide to stay a little longer before heading out to San Gil or Barichara.

Paragliding in Ruitoque

Paragliding is a popular tourist activity throughout Santander, a region that enjoys the perfect climate for year-round flights. It’s no different in Bucaramanga: the little town of Ruitoque (a short drive from the city) is the starting point for paragliding flights, which last about half an hour and offer stunning panoramic views of Bucaramanga’s skyline.

Paragliding over Bucaramanga | © Chris Bell/Culture Trip

Visit the Heritage Town of Girón

One of the least well-known of Colombia’s 17 Heritage Towns, San Juan de Girón is located just 9 kilometres (less than 6 miles) from the centre of Bucaramanga and is perfect for a day trip to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. With nearly 500 years of history, lovely cobbled streets, whitewashed walls and a laid-back attitude, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a different time. Its location in a deep valley makes it a lot warmer than nearby Bucaramanga.

San Juan de Girón, Santander Department, Colombia

Wander the trails in the botanical garden

Botanical Garden
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Bucaramanga is famous for its green spaces and the best of the lot is the sprawling Eloy Valenzuela Botanical Gardens. The garden’s 75,000 square metres (19 acres) encompass a beautiful lake, well-maintained trails through lovely woodlands and gardens and several wild animals, including iguanas and ducks. There are around 3,500 species of native plants housed in the gardens, including palms, orchids and mosses.

Check out the cathedral

The Sagrada Familia Cathedral overlooks Santander Park in the historical centre of the city and is among Bucaramanga’s most important and well-known religious buildings. Its shining white facade and ornate interior make it a striking landmark, even more so when it lights up at night.

Catedral de la Sagrada Familia,


Bucaramanga’s cathedral | © Chris Bell/Culture Trip

Enjoy the view from Cerro del Santísimo

Another spot with an impressive view over Bucaramanga, Cerro del Santísimo is located in Floridablanca, an urban area bordering Bucaramanga, and boasts a huge statue of Jesus some 40 metres (131 feet) high. You can ascend to the top of the hill via cable cars, then climb to the viewpoint at the top of Jesus’s head. Needless to say, the views are something special and the statue is equally impressive.

Ecoparque Cerro del Santísimo,


The statue of Jesus at Cerro del Santísimo | © Chris Bell/Culture Trip

Stop by La Casa del Libro Total

This unique cultural centre, located on the corner of García Rovira Park, is a great place to spend a few hours during a walk in the historical centre of Bucaramanga. A repository of histories and chronicles about the Santander region, La Casa del Libro Total boasts an exhaustive catalogue of books accessible on its many computers, as well as art exhibits, conferences and musical performances. Even if you just go in to enjoy a coffee in its airy outdoor cafe, it’s worth a visit.

La Casa del Libro Total,


Inside the Casa del Libro Total | © Chris Bell/Culture Trip

Explore Bucaramanga’s many parks and gardens

Bucaramanga was nicknamed “the pretty city” for a reason: Santander’s capital is well known for its many parks, gardens and green spaces that are the perfect spots to escape from the city for a few hours. The best of the downtown parks has to be La Flora Ecological Park, a large space set in a long, deep valley full of birds and safe from the sounds of traffic from the city above.

La Flora Ecological Park,

Experience local dishes at Cabrón

Santander has a distinct and interesting culinary history and many unique dishes. There are many restaurants in which to sample the local cuisine in Bucaramanga, but the best is Cabrón. With a good menu of tasty local dishes, including carne oreada (a dried beef a bit like jerky) and cabrito con pepitoria (baby goat served with a rice made of blood and innards that’s much better than it sounds!), Cabrón is the place to sample the cuisine of Santander.



A plate of carne oreada | © Chris Bell/Culture Trip

Wander through the Casa de Bolívar Museum

Map View
There might not be another historical figure on Earth who boasts more museums built in houses where he once slept than Simón Bolívar, and the same is true in Bucaramanga. The South American Liberator spent two months living in this lovely old colonial house in 1828 and it is now a museum dedicated to regional history. With several mummies of the Guane indigenous people who once inhabited this region, the museum also contains weapons, paintings and other important historical artifacts.