The Most Beautiful Buildings in Pamplona

Catedral de Pamplona, Spain | © Yiorsito / WikiCommons
Catedral de Pamplona, Spain | © Yiorsito / WikiCommons
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11 May 2017

Pamplona is an industrial Northern Spanish City, but because of its important history, it’s still home to a wealth of spectacular buildings and grand architectural styles. Here’s our list of the most beautiful buildings in Pamplona.

Catedral de Santa María

Building, Cathedral, Church
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Pamplona Cathedral
Pamplona Cathedral | © Yiorsito / WikiCommons
Pamplona’s magnificent Cathedral is one of the city’s top sights, and for good reason. With a grand exterior and dazzling mix of architectural styles, this is a building you cannot afford to miss. Construction of the cathedral began in the 13th century, although it wasn’t completed until 1525. The cathedral consists of a Gothic vestibule and cloister, and has a Neoclassical façade. This was the site where many of Navarra’s Kings were crowned.

Cámara de los Comptos

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Cámara de Comptos de Navarra, Pamplona
Cámara de Comptos de Navarra, Pamplona | © Zarateman / WikiCommons
A 13th-century medieval palace, the Cámara de los Comptos is located in the Old Quarter of Pamplona and is the city’s only surviving all-Gothic building. Once declared a national monument in 1868, today, it is a government institution responsible for overseeing the economic and financial management of the Autonomous Community of Navarre.


Building, Concert Hall
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Ayuntamiento de Pamplona, Spain
Ayuntamiento de Pamplona, Spain | ©José Antonio Gil Martínez / Flickr
Pamplona City Hall is a spectacular building decorated with stone columns, elaborate floral designs and intricately carved statues. Baroque in style, it dates back to 1752 and was designed by José Zay and Lorda. Here is where the famous San Fermin Festival is celebrated: the running of the bulls begins with a loud chupinazo (a firework or flare).

Iglesia de San Lorenzo

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Iglesia de San Lorenzo, Pamplona
Iglesia de San Lorenzo, Pamplona | ©Zarateman / Wikimedia Commons
Also known as the Capilla de San Fermin, this chapel has significant religious importance, particularly during the San Fermin Festival (Running of the Bulls). The church was built in 1901 by Florencio Ansoleaga, and has a distinct Neoclassic style.

Teatro Gayarre

Building, Theater
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Teatro Gayarre, Pamplona, Spain
Teatro Gayarre, Pamplona, Spain | ©Jose Mario Pires / Wikimedia Commons
Standing proudly over a plaza like a Greek temple, the Gayarre Theatre was originally built in 1839 on the Plaza del Castillo in the city centre. The building was designed by architect Pedro Manuel Ugartemendía, and the front by Jose de Nagusia. In 1931 changes to the plaza were made, and the theatre was demolished. However, its stunning façade, was salvaged and moved to a new location – it now stands on Avenida Carlos III el Noble.

Palacio de Navarra

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Palacio de Navarra, Pamplona | ©Zarateman / Wikimedia Commons
Palacio de Navarra, Pamplona | © Zarateman / WikiCommons
This elegant 19th-century Palace was designed by architect José de Naguria, and today is the seat of the government of Navarra. Visitors can arrange to see inside its graceful interior on a special guided tour. Among other sights inside the palace is a painting of Fernando VII by Francisco de Goya.

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