The Coolest Treehouse Hotels in Colombia You Can Actually Visit

Colombia treehouse hotel | © Chris Bell
Colombia treehouse hotel | © Chris Bell
Colombia is full of incredible forests where intrepid travelers can spend a night nestled up in the treetops. From luxurious cabins in the trees to simple eco-accommodation, here are some of Colombia’s best treehouse hotels.

Nido Tángara in Chicaque Natural Park

One of two spectacular treehouse accommodations is located in the lovely cloud forest natural park of Chicaque, just outside Bogota. The Tanager’s Nest—as its name translates to—is a cosy and comfy little cabin perched 23 feet up in a tree overlooking the surrounding forests. It sleeps up to four people and is accessed via a rope bridge and steps. On a clear morning, you can even spot the distant snowcapped peaks of the central Colombian Andes.

Chicaque treehouse hotel © Chris Bell

La Isla Escondida Reserve

One of the newest treehouse accommodation options in Colombia, this wonderfully preserved jungle lodge in the heart of the rainforests of southern Putumayo is one of the best places for birding in all of Colombia. The list of species there is astounding, and this has only been helped by their two jungle canopy towers, where visitors can observe rare species at eye-level. Best of all: they have now added a simple room with a couple of beds in one tower, making for the wildest treehouse experience out there.

Reserva Natural Paway

This Amazonian animal rescue reserve is located in the jungle just outside of Mocoa, the capital city of the southern department of Putumayo. You can visit their rescued animals, and the reserve also offers accommodation in one of the most spectacular treehouse hotels in all of Colombia—a cabin located 82 feet up in a giant ceiba tree! Relax in your hammock and enjoy sightings of parrots and toucans, as well as gorgeous jungle sunsets.

Macaws at Paway © Chris Bell

Casa en el Aire

While not strictly speaking a “treehouse” hotel, Casa en el Aire makes this list simply by virtue of being equally gravity-defying and unique as any other hotel mentioned here. With accommodation in a small wooden house clinging to the edge of a cliff, and the option of hanging out in hammocks suspended above a huge vertical drop, Casa en el Aire is the ideal place to stay for anyone with a love for heights and bit of a rebellious streak.

Nido Roblegrande in Chicaque Natural Park

The second treehouse option in Chicaque Park is not for the faint-hearted. Nido Roblegrande lacks the luxury of the Tanager’s Nest but makes up for it in truly breathtaking views and adrenaline experiences. A wooden platform which sleeps up to six people perched 82 feet up in the cloud forest canopy, guests can sleep out under the stars or in tents after climbing up. Be warned though, you’ll need to abseil down to go to the bathroom!

The view from Chicaque’s treehouse © Chris Bell

Reserva Natural Tanimboca

A stunning lodge in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, Tanimboca Natural Reserve is located a short drive from the regional jungle capital of Leticia. With various package tour options available, including wildlife watching hikes, Tanimboca would already be an excellent option for a trip to the Amazon. One can also visit nearby indigenous communities to learn their age-old traditions. What really makes the reserve unique, though, is its gorgeous canopy treehouse, where guests can sleep overnight and wake up to the sounds of the wild jungle.

Caoba Natural Reserve

An ecolodge and natural reserve in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta coastal mountain range, Caoba offers a comfy little treehouse perched up in a mango tree (it’s quite the treat during mango season as well). With space for three to four people, as well as a ground floor bathroom, the treehouse at Caoba Natural Reserve is a peaceful and relaxing place to stay in for a few nights at the coast.