The Best Tattoo Studios in Colombia

Inked Up | © ilovetattoos / Pixabay
Inked Up | © ilovetattoos / Pixabay
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17 May 2018

Colombia’s beauty is apparent in both its natural landscapes and sensational art scene. A quick glance at the impressive street art that colors cities like Bogota, Medellin, and Cali attests to the artists who reside there. Many of these artists find their calling with a tattoo needle in hand. If you have Colombia and a new tattoo in your sights, the two go hand in hand with these immensely talented artists and world class tattoo parlors.

Respect | © Free-Photos / Pixabay

Electric Moon

In the nation’s capital, the queen of black and white, Stephania Cuervo (who goes by Electric Moon tattoo) works freelance by appointment only. She creates some of the most intricate pieces using just black ink, sharp lines, and impeccable shading to make the tattoos pop. If you want something detailed but without color, or might add color later, Stephania is your gal—but be proactive, as her schedule is often completely packed.

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Crea Art Tattoo

Duban, at Crea Art Tattoo in Bogota, is a supremely talented freelance artist with a seriously varied range of talents honed to near perfection. If you want a piece with bright colors, a detailed black and white, a life-like portrait or something that requires a lot of shading, Dubans portfolio of work proves that there is no type of tattoo that he cannot conquer.

Colourful Panda | © Courtesy of Crea Art Tattoo

Opio Studio Tattoo

Celebrating their 2nd decade in business this month, Opio Tattoo Studio has grown to establish three studios in Envigado, Poblado, and across in Laureles. And any tattoo shop that is not only hanging on but growing in Medellin is doing it right. With the shops and artists on their payroll, simply contact them with your idea or design and they will link you up with whichever artist they feel best to deliver you a perfect tattoo.

Talented Opio Artists at Work | © Courtesy of Opio Studio Tattoo

Blue Hell Tattoo Shop

You can find plenty of tattoo parlors in Colombia’s 3rd biggest city, but to ensure you get what you came for, leave it up to the people at Blue Hell. The incredible artists here will assist you with your idea by putting pen to paper prior to drawing ink to skin, so that you’re certain of the finished product before the event. With unique shading styles and incredible use of colors, you are sure to get something crisp and one-of-a-kind.

Shading and Colour | © Courtesy of Blue Hell Tattoo Shop

Camilo Colmenares

Some photos of the works by Camilo Colmenares will have you swearing they’re photoshopped, but this gentleman oozes talent. He has a wide range of skills, but if you’re looking at getting your ‘spirit animal’ or any kind of animal tattoo, he is your guy. Colmenares has perfected his craft at tattooing animal portraits, fluorescent tattoos, and a fan favorite: fierce black and white pieces with piercing colored eyes that will catch anyone’s attention.

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Monkeys Tattoo Studio

The heat can make people do crazy things and in Cartagena, if that crazy thing is a spontaneous tattoo, you will never regret a visit to Monkey’s Tattoo Studio. They offer some of the best realistic tattoos you will find, better than anything on the Caribbean coast. Their ability to do incredibly detailed black and white pieces with fine lines and dust-like shading is nothing short of unbelievable.

The Reflection in the Eye | © Courtesy of Monkeys Tattoo Studio

Rafael Garcia

Having received enough demand to branch out on his own, Rafael Garcia takes requests through his Facebook page—get in contact well in advance, as he is highly sought after in Medellin. He specializes in realistic pieces, cinema, nature, and animals. Garcia is more than qualified with both colors or shades, as you can see on his personal page and from the hundreds of stunning works of art and elated clients.

Incredibly Life Life Buddha | © Courtesy of Rafael Garcia

Tattoo Studio 13

In the heart of the trendy Poblado area of Medellin, you can find Julian Alvarez and Edwin Castillo. This duo combines their talents to approach, attack, and impress on any tattoo idea that comes to mind. Whether you’re searching for realistic portraits, traditional skulls, carp, dragons, or something completely original with some stand-out color, they are capable of taking it on.

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