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The Most Beautiful Beaches In Colombia

The Most Beautiful Beaches In Colombia

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Colombia’s chequered history has long given travelers cause to overlook it as a tourist destination, but recently more and more people are discovering the magic of its beautiful cities, jungles, mountains, and beaches. We list 10 of the best sandy stretches to relax on in this Latin American country.

Capurganá y Sapzurro

Close to the Panama border, this area of coastline is a nature lover’s dream. There are no motor vehicles in Capurganá, allowing visitors to feel totally disconnected from the daily distractions of life. You’ll be totally immersed and inspired by the beauty of simplicity in this small coastal community. The water is crystal clear and the reefs that protect the beach have a diverse variety of marine life, perfect for snorkelers and divers.

Playa Blanca at Isla de Barú

Located southwest of Cartagena, Playa Blanca is found on a small island easily accessed by ferry from the mainland. The beautiful white sand beach and clear blue water draw locals and tourist to the island. Find a quiet spot and buy a cocada from one of the local vendors. The sweet coconut treat is a perfect complement to the taste of the salty air. Along the beach there are also many places to rent lounge chairs and beach tents.


Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona

Tayrona National Park is one of the most beautiful places in Colombia. The flora and fauna are the stars of this undisturbed landscape with massive palm trees, vegetated beaches, and rocky cliffs. Standing on the beaches, you’ll see massive boulders jutting out from the sea. Little islets covered in thick vegetation look painted against the background of the cerulean sea and sky. Ecotourism flourishes here, as visitors seek to become one with the natural environment.

Playas de Providencia

Barely noticeable on a map, the San Andrés Archipelago is comprised of three islands, one of them being Providencia. Though these tiny islands are closer to Nicaragua than they are to Colombia, they are the ultimate vacation spot for those on the mainland. The diving and snorkeling conditions are impeccable. The golden sand and friendly locals only add to the bliss.

Palomino Beach

If you’re hoping to get off the beaten path, Palomino is the perfect place. The town and its pristine beach rest quietly on the Caribbean coast of Colombia at the foothills of The Sierra Nevada Mountains. You’ll probably have the beach to yourself with the exception of a few locals. The nearby Sierra Nevada Mountains provide the perfect backdrop, creating rich, abundant biodiversity.


The town of Nuquí is a tropical hideaway on the edge of Colombia’s densest jungle, at the shores of the dark Pacific Ocean. The Chocó region of Colombia offers an entirely different beach that you must experience. In this region, land and sea seem to crash together. You’ll see incredible flora, like orchids in every color possible and ferns bigger than people. The dark and mysterious Pacific hosts hundreds of humpback whales that come to breed in the bay from June to October.