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Caño Cristales, Colombia
Caño Cristales, Colombia | © Mario Carvajal / Wikimedia Commons
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The 13 most underrated places to visit in Colombia in 2017

Picture of Anny Wooldridge
Owner of Anny's Adventures Travel Blog
Updated: 18 May 2017
Colombia is a relatively unknown tourist destination, compared to many parts of the world. While the government and tourism industry are working hard to change this, there are many areas of the country that are still very isolated and undiscovered. People around the world know Colombia’s main cities – Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Cartagena and Santa Marta – but the country is much more than this. In this, the second most biodiverse country in the world, there are over 59 National Parks, each offering unique and wonderful ecosystems, wildlife and activities. Here are the 13 most underrated places in Colombia.
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Nuquí Pacific Region

Colombia’s Pacific region is relatively unexplored: the area’s thick jungle means many locations in the region can be accessed only by boat or dirt track. Nuquí is a small community town in the region with a population of just 7,500 people. Many of these communities are inhabited by Afro-Colombian communities whose ancestors arrived in the region centuries ago, to escape their owners or employers in the bigger cities.

The remoteness of this area makes it the perfect location from which to explore the jungle environment and discover the large numbers of wildlife species, especially birds, which inhabit the area. Colombia’s Pacific coastline is also home to numerous coral reefs. Every year, turtles and humpback whales give birth to their young in the region and raise them here until the young are strong enough to move on.

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Guasca is a small village located around an hour outside Colombia’s capital Bogotá; its proximity to the city makes it a great weekend destination. The remote village is a typical Colombian countryside town, with a plaza and cathedral located in the centre. Guasca is surrounded by beautiful countryside and mountains, ideal for walking, hiking or horse riding. Located just outside the town and high up into the mountains is the start of the Chingaza National Park. This unique park is home to a large páramo ecosystem, which allows water to be absorbed from the sky to the mountain. This makes for a great place to breath in some fresh mountain air and take in the surrounding area.

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