7 Fashion Bloggers From Cartagena to Follow on Instagram

Cartagena style | © viajeminuto/Pixabay
Cartagena style | © viajeminuto/Pixabay
Photo of Chris Bell
13 July 2017

Cartagena is a stylish city: the tropical climate, beautiful colonial architecture, and diverse mix of cultures inspire a beautiful blend of styles and clothing. A whole new generation of locals are harnessing these varied inspirations for their blogs about Cartagena fashion. Here are 7 fashion bloggers from Cartagena to follow.

Catherine Ricaurte Lopez

Catherine Ricaurte is the social media manager of Cartagena’s most stylish fashion boutique, St. Dom. Her Instagram feed contains gorgeous shots of her modeling the latest in cutting-edge fashion on the beautiful streets of her hometown. With an appealing mixture of both high-fashion looks and casual, everyday outfits, Ricaurte’s unique style and images make her a must-follow Cartagena fashion blogger.

Borys Castro

Borys Castro, the director and editor-in-chief of VVersiva (an exhaustive blog dedicated to culture, art, fashion, and photography), is surely one of Cartagena’s most stylish men right now. His Instagram account is a beautifully curated mixture of artistic Cartagena photography and Borys modeling his latest Caribbean-themed threads.

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Elisa Dominguez

Elisa Dominguez is the co-founder of ALIEZ, a Cartagena blog dedicated to Caribbean fashion and art. She also has her own popular Instagram fashion account, boasting over 10,000 followers. Describing herself as a fashion designer, stylist, and blogger, Elisa’s Instagram feed is dedicated to showing off her unique personal style; she poses in everything from stylish swimwear to beautiful dresses that perfectly capture Cartagena chic’s flair.

Catalina Mouthon

A former Miss Cartagena contestant and model, Catalina Mouthon has recently branched out into the world of fashion blogging on Instagram. Her feed principally consists of her modeling a variety of beautiful creations from local fashion designers, interspersed with candid shots of her life in Cartagena. Although she is perhaps more fashion model than fashion blogger, her beautiful and stylish images are still the perfect inspiration for wannabe fashionistas planning a trip to the Jewel of the Indies.

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Vanessa Rosales

With well over 60,000 Instagram followers, Vanessa Rosales is undoubtedly the star of the nascent Cartagena fashion blogger scene. A Cartagena native currently based in Bogota, she is an author, fashion blogger, and creative consultant, who regularly returns to her native city to show off her chic personal style in front of the gorgeous pastel shades of the Old City of Cartagena. She also regularly sports some delightful Cartagena-themed fashion accessories—as the photo below illustrates—and her personal fashion trademark is a wonderful collection of fans: a must in the intense heat of Cartagena.

Natalia Perez

A fashion journalist for Moda para los Hombres, Natalia Perez is a fashion and lifestyle blogger with a particular focus on the Caribbean’s bright colours and iconic architecture, which she incorporates effortlessly into her popular Instagram feed of over 15,000 followers. She is based in nearby Barranquilla but regularly travels to Cartagena to show off her laid-back, Caribbean style, making her the perfect inspiration for travelers looking to fit in seamlessly to street life in “La Heroica.”

Always Smile (Amé el color de esta blusa) 👚: @lienzotrend Ph: @ijuanmac

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Adry Puello

A lifestyle and fashion blogger with a growing YouTube fashion channel, Adry Puello has over 10,000 Instagram followers on her increasingly popular feed. She travels throughout Colombia to show off her stylish outfits, but she always returns to her hometown of Cartagena to model her eclectic outfits on the beautiful streets of the Old City. She has used her Instagram popularity to develop partnerships with several clothing and shampoo brands, but the real beauty of following Adry are her lovely and stylish images and relaxed, yet classic, fashion sense.