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© Ilyshev Dmitry
© Ilyshev Dmitry
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17 Amazing Photos of the Surreal and Strange Tatacoa Desert in Colombia

Picture of Chris Bell
Updated: 25 October 2017
The Tatacoa Desert is one of the largest arid zones in Colombia and has become iconic for its beautiful and surreal red and grey landscapes, world-class stargazing, and excellent hotels and hostels. So here are 17 amazing photos of the stunning and strange Tatacoa Desert in Colombia to inspire you to visit on your next trip.

The landscapes of the Tatacoa Desert are simply spectacular

© Ludmila Ruzickova / Shutterstock

It’s a photographer’s dream destination!

© Rickson Davi Liebano / Shutterstock

And often looks like something straight out of an old Western film…

You could easily wander its valleys and caverns for hours…

But watch out for cacti…

They can be seriously sharp here!

© Chris Bell / The Culture Trip

If it’s possible, the desert is even more beautiful at dusk

© Ste Lane / Shutterstock

And even more surreal as well…

And the fun doesn’t stop at night either: the Tatacoa Desert is famed for stargazing…

© Ste Lane / Shutterstock

Camping here at night is an incredible experience

And you might never see a fuller full moon

The ‘grey desert’ of Tatacoa is just as beautiful as the red…

Chris Bell | © The Culture Trip

And is home to some truly surreal rock formations

© Chris Bell / The Culture Trip

There are some pretty special oases in the Tatacoa Desert, too

© Chris Bell / The Culture Trip

And it’s just as stunning when the sun isn’t shining

© Stefano Manocchio / Shutterstock

But a sunny blue sky doesn’t exactly hurt

© Ilyshev Dmitry / Shutterstock

And, as if all of that wasn’t enough: tiny cute owls…

© Maryse Guevin / Shutterstock