15 Reasons Why You Should Visit Santa Marta At Least Once in Your Lifetime

Tayrona national park in Colombia | © Olga Kot Photo / Shutterstock
Tayrona national park in Colombia | © Olga Kot Photo / Shutterstock
Photo of Harry Stewart
30 November 2017

Let’s face it, the beaches in South America aren’t that great. That is, at least not until you get to Colombia’s picturesque Caribbean coast, where blindingly white sand stretches endlessly between clear turquoise water and throngs of swaying palm trees. But it’s not all about the beaches, with plenty of other worthwhile reasons to pay the seaside resort of Santa Marta a visit before you die.

Become a beach bum in Tayrona National Park

Okay, to be honest, it is mostly about the beaches and some of the most idyllic shorelines on the continent can be found in the Tayrona National Park, just a short drive north of Santa Marta.

Tayrona national park in Colombia | © Olga Kot Photo / Shutterstock

Chill out in Taganga

Although not nearly as postcard perfect as Tayrona, the nearby fishing village of Taganga does have a pleasant stretch of sand and a laid-back vibe. What’s more, the backpacker orientated party scene is off the chain.

Taganga | © Alexander Madl/Flickr

Learn to SCUBA in Taganga

The other attraction of Taganga is the town offers some of the best value SCUBA instruction in the world without compromising on quality or safety. After learning the ropes, most travelers head to Tayrona to explore the park’s incredible marine life.

SCUBA | © 1588877/pixabay

Trek through the jungle to find a lost city

Fancy doing something adventurous on your next trip to Colombia? Then how does a four-day trek through dense jungle terrain in search of a long-lost pre-Inca citadel sound? Known as the Lost City Trek, this epic adventure is the sole reason many travelers visit the region.

The Lost City Trek | © Scott Biales/Shutterstock

Sample some seafood

Located right by the ocean, it’s no surprise Santa Marta serves up some delicious seafood delicacies. Whether it be lobster in a fancy restaurant or ceviche from a beachside street stall, the region is awash with delectable ocean dwelling delights.

Seafood | © PublicDomainPictures/pixabay

Check out some street stalls

Speaking of street food, that’s something they certainly do well in Santa Marta. Ceviche is an obvious pick, although there are plenty of cheap options for fresh fruit, juice, and sweet local pastries as well.

Santa Marta, Colombia | © J@YGS/Flickr

Stay in an awesome hostel

Thanks to its incredible surrounding attractions, Santa Marta has seen numerous amazing hostels spring up over the years. From raucous party venues to luxurious “flashpacker” digs, there’s a cool place to say for every budget traveler in Santa Marta.

Dropbear Hostel Santa Marta | Courtesy of Dropbear Hostel

Eat at an amazing restaurant

Well to do tourists from all over the country ensure Santa Marta’s restaurant scene remains on point, with everything from local haunts to international fine dining restaurants to tempt hungry travelers.

Ouzo Restaurante, Santa Marta | Courtesy of Ouzo Restaurante,

Get some history at Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino

As South America’s principal liberator, Simon Bolivar was a pretty important guy. He lived out his last days in the opulent estate known as the Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino which is well worthy of a visit for those after a Latin American history fix.

Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino | © SALOMON BERMUDEZ/Wikipedia

See some cool jewels at the Museo del Oro

But Colombia’s history goes back way further than conquistadors and revolutionaries, with a sizable contingent of indigenous folk inhabiting the region for thousands of years. Check out their best handicrafts and jewelry in the city’s impressive Gold Museum.

Gold Museum Santa Marta | © James Wagstaff/Shutterstock

Hang out in El Rodadero

For the best beach in the city proper, head to the southern neighborhood of El Rodadero. Perfect for people watchers, this glitzy neighborhood attracts some of Santa Marta’s most glamorous citizens.

El Rodadero | © James Wagstaff/Shutterstock

Pull up a towel on Playa Blanca

For a more tranquil beach escape, jump on a ferry to the isolated Playa Blanca. Located past a headland to the south of town, the beautiful “White Beach” is largely devoid of the crowds (except during holidays).

Playa Blanca | © Fotos593/Shutterstock

People watch at Parque de los Novios

Sit back in a nice restaurant, enjoy a glass of wine and watch the world go by at the buzzing Parque de los Novios. Some of the city’s finest eateries are located here and there is always plenty of action in the evening.

Parque de los Novios | © Fotos593/Shutterstock

Explore the mountains of Minca

Just an hour out of Santa Marta, the beautiful mountainous town of Minca is famous for its coffee plantations, rivers, and waterfalls. Go on a day trip or stay overnight to better explore the region.

Minca | © Aja Crites/Shutterstock

Hang out with the vacation crowd

Colombians love going to Santa Marta on vacation, so expect the place to have a buzzing vibe over any given holiday weekend.

Taganga | © Eli Duke/Flickr

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