15 Breathtaking Photos of Colombia's Caribbean Coast

Brightly colored wall in Cartagena
Brightly colored wall in Cartagena | © ShonEjai / Pixabay
Colombia’s difficult past meant that the country has been overlooked by visitors for many years. But in the past decade, all that has changed. Today, it is rightly regarded as one of the most fascinating and beautiful countries in all of South America. Its Caribbean coast is blessed with some of its most spectacular sights, including stunning stretches of shoreline, pristine rivers, and fascinating pre-colonial sights. Here are 15 stunning photos of one of Colombia’s most majestic regions.

The elegant colonial city of Cartagena de Indias is widely regarded as the jewel in the crown of Colombia’s Caribbean coast.

Cartagena New Town © neufal54 / Pixabay

The Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes famously described the city of Cartagena as the “most beautiful city in the Caribbean.”

Cartagena vendor © ShoneEjai / Pixabay

Cartagena is divided between a beautiful, colonial Old Town section and the more modern New Town, pictured below.

Sunset over Cartagena  © Norma Gòmez / Flickr

This stunning photograph shows a replica of a 17th-century ship in Cartagena’s dock.

A ship in the Cartagena dock  © Luz Adriana Villa / Flickr

La Merced Lighthouse in Cartagena is one of the city’s other famous landmarks.

La Merced Lighthouse  © ECproduction / Pixabay

Isla del Sol is an island that forms part of the Rosario Islands archipelago.

Isla del Sol, Colombia  © GRAPHICALBRAIN / Pixabay

The Eco-Hotel Isla del Sol is a popular getaway spot on the Rosario Islands.

Eco-hotel Isla del Sol  © GRAPHICALBRAIN / Pixabay

Tayrona National Park is a large protected region known for its biodiversity.

Tayrona National Park  © Katja Hasselkus / Flickr

Tayrona National Park is blessed with deep turquoise waters and a wealth of diverse and fascinating marine life.

Tayrona National Park  © oscarmunoz / Pixabay

Santa Marta is the oldest surviving city in Colombia.

Sunset in Santa Marta  © Nora Gomez / Flickr

Cabo de la Vela is a headland on the Guajira Peninsula that has become a popular ecotourism destination.

Cabo de la Vela  © Tanenhaus / Flickr

Desert sands cover most most of La Guajira Peninsula.

Sand dunes in La Guajira desert  © Jairo Orrego / Flickr

Minca is a tranquil village situated in the mountains behind Santa Marta.

The River Gaira flowing through Minca  © Peace Corps / Flickr

La Ciudad Perdida, or Lost City, is an ancient archaeological site in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range.

Colombia’s Lost City  © Andrew Hyde / Flickr

The Kogi are an indigenous tribe that live in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

A Kogi tribe member in Colombia’s Lost City  © Dwayne Reilander / WikiCommons