What They're Reading In Chile This Fall

La ética de las perras | © Vía X Ediciones
La ética de las perras | © Vía X Ediciones
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2 May 2017

This autumn Chileans are devouring a collection of Spanish-language fiction books. These novels show quite a contrast, from Claudia Aldana’s fiesty feminist trio, Julia Navarro’s macho-male, money-driven character and Jorge Baradit’s dysfunctional society in a time-warped dystopia.

La muerte tiene olor a pachulí – Hernán Rivera Letelier

Mystery arises after a prison in Antofagasta is demolished, unearthing a tunnel that led from the prison into the city – something of a surprise to the authorities, as no one has ever escaped from the prison. Word spreads, and a pair of detectives are visited by the widow of Army Lieutenant Arturo Calderón Iriarte, who claims that the tunnel is related to the disappearance of her husband, some forty years ago.

La muerte tiene olor a pachulí | © Alfaguara

El chico de las estrellas – Chris Pueyo

The novel follows the story of a young boy who constantly moves house, never staying in the same place for more than two years. The constant uprooting of his life leads him to reject school, becoming isolated with his rather unusual family life. As a form of escapism, he paints the walls of his room with stars, triggering a desire for freedom as the boy embarks on a journey where not everything will be as celestial as the galaxy on his bedroom wall.

El chico de las estrellas | © Destino

Historia de un canalla – Julia Navarro

This is a novel about ambition, greed and the selfishness of human beings. Thomas Spencer, the main character, is money-driven, some may say a scoundrel. When he starts suffering from heart problems, he begins to look back on his life and to wonder whether he should have done things differently. Is his health is the price he is paying for deceiving, betraying and manipulating everyone around him?

Historia de un canalla | © Plaza Janés

La guerra interior – Jorge Baradit

Jorge Baradit will transport you to another world with mysterious events and strange happenings. In La guerra interior an apocalypse is looming as cities disappear, society falls apart and politicians have to face their failing results. This unique world uncovers archaic secrets as the Earth cracks and fragments. However, the plot thickens as no one knows what is past, present or future, with a timeline lost in infernal dystopia.

La guerra interior | © Plaza Janés

La ética de las perras – Claudia Aldana

Claudia Aldana’s book has a provocative title and oozes feminism, following as it does the lives of three women across four decades; one is a photographer who has had the same lover for several years; another the star of an old soap opera; and the other is a bored, lonely married woman who enjoys her short-lived fame through Facebook. They’re all bitches, and proud of it. This novel depicts strong, daring women not afraid to live life on their own terms.

La ética de las perras | © Vía X Ediciones

Virtual Hero – El Rubius; Rueben Doblas

This comic follows the famous YouTuber, El Rubius, who is the main character of this story set in a video game. The journey features our hero travelling across different realities, fighting against hostile creatures and completing impossible tasks. This is an action-packed story that sees El Rubius travel through time, have unexpected encounters with his enemies, save his love and manoeuvre his way between a virtual and the real world.

Virtual Hero by El Rubius; Rueben Doblas

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