The Essential Packing Guide for Your Ski Trip

© skitterphoto / Pixabay
© skitterphoto / Pixabay
Photo of Lucy Pierce
5 September 2018

You’ve been hopelessly daydreaming of those jagged snow-capped mountains and blue skies for months, you’ve booked your flights, hotels and transfers and you’re now left with the last step… what to pack? Here’s our guide to the essentials for your ski trip.


If you feel the cold, or even if you don’t, thermals will keep you warm on those long chairlifts, especially the ones that stop while there seem to be gale force winds as someone’s fallen over either getting on or off!

Goggles and sunglasses

Don’t think you’ll only need one or the other – you will most likely want both. Goggles are great for snowy days, especially if you have a low-light lens, and they’re also great for sunny days keeping your eyes protected at all angles. However, when you inevitably stop for lunch or après, you might find your sunglasses a little more practical.

Ski Goggles Chris Hobcroft/flickr

Ski jacket and salopettes

Whether you own your own or you plan to rent them, ski jackets and salopettes are absolute essentials. Cheap ski gear can usually be found in second hand shops, charity shops and TK Maxx, who offer discounted prices. Or if you’re planning to look trendy on the slopes this season, North Face, Oakley and Salomon always have a great collection. And if you fancy rocking the all-in-one retro ski onesie, then you’ll only have that to remember!

Ski gloves and ski socks

It might be a pain to have to shed out loads of money before your ski trip, but trust us on this one, these are items you don’t want to skimp on. If your hands and feet are cold, chances are the rest of your body will be too. Some ski socks also have extra protection in the prime places that ski boots like to rub, so they are well worth the purchase.

Ski Gear Kiwi Discovery Queenstown/flickr

Warm jumpers

Don’t underestimate how low the temperatures can drop. Jumpers take up a lot of space in your suitcase, but you’ll be grateful when you’re cosy rather than shivering your way around your resort.

Hats and helmet

If you have a helmet, take it and wear it. You never know when you might have a rough tumble, and from the many stories you may hear on holiday on how someone’s helmet saved their life, you’d be silly not to wear one. Hats are great for keeping your head warm during the day and at night, and of course, they’re all the fashion in Alpine resorts.

Helmet Travis Sanders/flickr


If you have a GoPro, great, you can film all the rad things you get up to on your ski holiday – it’d be a shame not to be able to reminisce about the best holiday ever! Even your phone camera will prove exceedingly useful to catch those moments and the stunning scenery.

Neck warmer

Great for both sun and snow, when it’s cold it’ll protect you from the snow and wind, and when it’s warm it’ll protect you from sunburn. Buff have a great collection that you can pull up over your face if needs be. If you’re a little more traditional, dig out the turtlenecks for a vintage vibe.

Neck Warmer | © auricadina75/pixabay

Sun cream and lip balm (with SPF 15)

You’d be surprised how burnt one can get on an overcast day. Make sure to carry sun cream and protective lip balm with you at all times, as the last thing you want on your holiday is to be burnt to a crisp with chapped lips, looking like a dehydrated lobster!

Travel insurance

This one is an absolute essential, as if you saw how much a blood wagon, a doctor’s appointment in-resort or being heli-lifted off a run would cost you, you’d probably cry. For many of the privately run in-resort medical centres, your EHIC card (if you’re in Europe) won’t suffice. Be sure to read the fine print and check that you are covered for winter sports, skiing especially.

Wallet or purse

Don’t forget the only thing you absolutely need – you won’t get far without some cash to splash. Once you’ve remembered all these things and you’ve checked in you’re ready to go – bon voyage!

Mountains are waiting | © simon/pixabay

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