The Best Ways to Spend New Years in Chile

Valpo | © Davidlohr Bueso/flickr
Valpo | © Davidlohr Bueso/flickr
Photo of Lucy Pierce
10 November 2017

Thinking of a trip to Chile for New Year? Well you should! With warm temperatures, epic firework displays and plenty of gaiety, what better way to welcome in the beginning of a new year? To have a magical New Year in Chile, don your yellow underwear, pour yourself a cola de mono (a milky, coffee cocktail) and stock up on champagne.


Valparaíso boasts South America’s biggest fireworks display and fiesta! Easily reachable from the capital Santiago, you can be by the seaside in approximately two hours. Prepare yourself for an evening of watching the dazzling show over the harbour, starting at midnight and lasting for about 20 minutes before the party takes to the streets. Back in 2007 this display won the Guinness World Records for setting off a whopping 16,000 fireworks.

Valpo | © Davidlohr Bueso/flickr


The Entel Tower, which is found opposite La Moneda, is the hub for all festivities in Santiago on New Year’s Eve and by far the largest celebration due to its fireworks display. Chilean tradition tends to be a big family gathering and meal enjoyed together before taking to the streets to celebrate until the early hours. Once the New Year is upon us, be sure to hug someone of the opposite sex first – another of the Chilean traditions and superstitions.

Put on your yellow underwear | © Güldem Üstün/Flickr

Viña del Mar

Viña is another popular destination for the New Year, as you can relax in the sunshine on the sandy beaches by day, and as the clock strikes midnight you will also have a great view of the Valparaíso fireworks show as the bay of Valparaíso curves around.

Fireworks | © Gabriel Molina/Flickr


Although it is not as talked about, there is still a party in the northern town of Iquique. Head down to the beach where you can enjoy the fireworks display as well as the after party which continues along the beaches and in the streets through the night. Why bother going clubbing when it’s so warm outside and the atmosphere is just as good, if not better.

Iquique | © /Flickr

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