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La Vega market Santiago| © Pablo Rogat/Shutterstock
La Vega market Santiago| © Pablo Rogat/Shutterstock
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The Best Street Food In Santiago, Chile

Picture of Paula Zamorano Osorio
Updated: 26 January 2017
While street food and food carts have been around for a while, full-on food trucks have only relatively recently appeared on the streets of Santiago. But they’ve quickly become popular. We list some of the best street spots to try traditional and innovative Chilean street food here.
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Mote Con Huesillo on Cerro San Cristóbal

Climbing to the top of the Cerro San Cristóbal is no easy feat, but once you are there, the views of Santiago, and of course the mote con huesillo, are unbeatable.This is a Chilean summer drink, best served cold, which includes rehydrated dried peaches (huesillos), husked wheat (mote) and a touch of cinnamon. Sit at the foot of the impressive 22-meter statue of the Virgin Mary with a cup of the best mote con huesillo in town while enjoying the breathtaking views of the city.

Mote Con Huesillo on Cerro San Cristóbal, Santuario de la Inmaculada Concepción, Avenue Pedro Bannen, Santiago, Chile

Mote con huesillo © Ildi Papp/Shutterstock
Mote con huesillo | © Ildi Papp/Shutterstock
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Empanadas are a delicious South American stuffed pastry which are either filled with cheese, pino (ground beef, onion, raisins, a single black olive and boiled egg) or delicious shellfish. The best places to find empanadas on the go are at the stalls near the Cal y Canto metro stop on the south side of the bridge crossing over to the Mercado Central or at El Rápido, Santiago’s famous empanada fast food restaurant, where service is so fast that your emapanadas will be served up even before you reach the table.

Empanadas, El Rápido, Bandera, Santiago, Chile, +56 2 2672 2375

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La Vega

La Vega is one of Santiago’s busiest food markets, where you can find national foods at their freshest. Discover popular Chilean and South American fruits and flavors such as lúcuma, nísperos and chirimoya alegre. At La Vega, watch out for the Frutos Naturales stand, to tantalise your tastebuds with the most popular blends of fruit and vegetables in the city. Aside from fruits, La Vega is a top spot to try the warm Cazuela, a favorite soup of the people, made with chicken, Chilean pumpkin and other vegetables, a delicious warmer on cold winter days.

La Vega, Antonia López de Bello, Santiago, Chile

La Vega market Santiago| © Pablo Rogat/Shutterstock
La Vega market Santiago | © Pablo Rogat/Shutterstock
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La Combi

La Combi is a food truck dedicated to providing the public with healthy snacks. Pleasure goes into the making of the products and is transferred to the consumer with food options that have real flavor and freshness. At this food truck, you’ll find fresh salads (fruit or vegetable), granolas with natural yogurt, and gourmet sandwiches.

La Combi, El Vergel, Providencia, Santiago, Chile, +56 9 566 79062

Granolas With Natural Yogurt| ©Omid Tavallai/Flickr
Granolas With Natural Yogurt | ©Omid Tavallai/Flickr

Eat the Art

The owners of Eat the Art express themselves creatively through their huge pizzas. These pizzas are culinary works of art, made using the best and freshest ingredients and with classic and innovative toppings to choose from. Art is an important factor behind this food truck, and in order to support art and local artists, Eat the Art presents the story and work of a different artist at the end of every week alongside its menu.

Mozzarella Pizza | © Yoshihide Nomura/Flickr
Mozzarella Pizza | © Yoshihide Nomura/Flickr
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Chile’s first ever food truck, LoungeTruck is a pioneer in the country’s ‘food truck future’ bringing personality, creativity and innovation with it into the food truck scene. Its service is friendly and its specialties are huge gourmet sandwiches that are definitely more of a full meal than a snack.

Lounge Truck, Sucre 2342, Ñuñoa, Santiago, Chile, +56 2 2981 1458

Gourmet Sandwich| ©PRORetinafunk/Flickr
Gourmet Sandwich | ©PRORetinafunk/Flickr

El Burro Chingón

El Burro Chingón is a food truck with a varied menu of gourmet fajitas which incorporate flavors from Chilean, Mexican, Chinese and Peruvian cuisines. El Burro Chingón also prepares tasty fajitas suitable for vegetarians, as well as catering for weddings, birthdays and other special events.