The Best Restaurants in Valdivia, Chile

Photo of Will Lees
3 January 2018

Being the final city before Puerto Montt and the Chiloe Islands, you may want to spend a bit of time in the beautiful city of Valdivia, getting your last guaranteed good food fix before the country gets considerably more rural. Scratch all your itches in regards to your edible cravings with these eclectic options, as it may be a while until you reach civilization vast enough to do so.

La Última Frontera

Restaurant, Pub Grub, $$$
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Burger | © Pexels / Pixabay

As the intro describes, you could consider Valdivia as the final frontier before remote Patagonia, and this restaurant knows that, and is reminding you of that fact with its name, Última Frontera – or the Final Border. They call themselves a café but constantly change the menu, with hearty homestyle dishes like stews and burgers, and a great outdoor patio to enjoy your meal.

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Fast Casual, Boutique, Outdoors

La Parrilla de Thor

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La Parrilla
La Parrilla | © zaclyric / Pixabay

Looking for a big grilled meal because you have a big appetite? Well that appetite had better be Thor-sized because Thor’s Grill awaits. La Parrilla de Thor needs no introduction and is as you would expect, with a variety of hefty meat platters and also little specialities to accompany, like homemade fried empanadas.

Puerto Canelos

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If you are craving seafood – a craving that often arises being close to the ocean – then pop by Canelos Port because the seafood here is fresh, and filling. Great takes on traditional seafood dishes, but also, when the weather is poor, their seafood cakes or crepes are exactly the filling, warm meal you have been after.

New Orleans

Restaurant, Fusion, North American, Thai, $$$
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Creole Shrimp
Creole Shrimp | © kae71463 / Flickr

Take a trip all over the world in one location. Start in New Orleans, figuratively, with a creole shrimp dish, then jump over to Thailand, and return back to South America, with some traditional Chilean seafood and rice dishes that will fill you up from a menu long enough for even the pickiest eater.


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One of the most cosy settings you will find in a restaurant in Valdivia is Picamaderos. The stone outside and beautiful wooden lodge-style interior accompany the delightful lasagna, pasta, and milanesa (fried schnitzel-style dishes) that are homestyle, stick-to-your ribs cooking.


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Avocado Roll
Avocado Roll | © pittaya / Flickr

Do not fear you are too far south if you feel a sushi craving coming on, as Gohan has you covered. This Asian fusion restaurant has some uniquely interesting takes on some of their sushi rolls, with special in-house-made sauces, fresh avocado wrapping the rolls, as well as inside, but no matter what you order, you will be pleased as everything is delicious, and most importantly fresh.

La Cava del Buho

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Step into something from The Hobbit as this building looks like it belongs in a fairy tale with its twisted wood exterior and spooky lighting. But inside is a comfortable abode that delivers delicious snacks to accompany their long list of cocktail concoctions, and also a fine dining take on quality pub dishes. Come in groups for a party, dinner as a couple, or just for a few drinks, as the atmosphere itself is worth the visit.

Espacio Cocina

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Cocktails | © Julian / Flickr

Finding the right place to please everybody can be difficult when everyone wants something different, but Espacio Cocina has every appetite covered, even the person who is hungry but unsure what they are craving. Stacked burgers, thin-crust Italian-style pizzas, quesadillas, mouth-watering desserts, and drinks for the liquid dinner, makes sure that The Kitchen Space ticks off all the boxes.

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Lunch, Dinner


Fast Casual, Boutique, Modern