The Best Places to Stay in Viña del Mar, Chile

The Best Places to Stay in Viña del Mar, Chile
Right next door to Valparaiso is the less touristy, quieter, more aesthetically-pleasing town of Viña del Mar. The comparison between the two is similar to the tattooed, loud, wild child, always attracting attention that is Valparaiso, and the quiet, well put together, organized sibling, that is happy to fly under the radar somewhat unnoticed. This is Viña del Mar. People are shocked of its tranquil beauty and stunning green spaces, and you will be disappointed if you only visit on a day trip. So enjoy one of these great places to stay, and make Viña del Mar your temporary home that you will not want to leave.

Escapada en la Ciudad Jardin

Boutique Hotel, Serviced Apartment

Crowds of people arrive in Viña del Mar, walk the streets, and the thought of “Wow, this is beautiful, I could live here” will cross their mind. The Garden City Getaway will provide you that vision of life here. This apartment hotel has chic modern furnishings, great natural light, and a giant rooftop pool with a stunning view.

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Sunset del Mar © lebastias / Flickr

Sheraton Miramar Hotel & Convention Center, Vina del Mar

Business Hotel, Chain Hotel
Sheraton Miramar
Sheraton Miramar | © Christian Cordova / Flickr

If you only have a few days and are deciding between a few places, it sometimes makes the most sense to select something that you know will deliver consistent quality and you can rest easy knowing what to expect at check-in. That is one of the beauties with Sheraton, and their Viña del Mar location happens to be one of the best places to stay in the city. A big hotel that sits oceanfront right on the south end of the city, with the water in view from your room, the pool, dining room, and the bar.

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Sheraton Miramar © Christian Cordova / Flickr

Restaurant y Hotel Oceanic, Vina del Mar

Boutique Hotel, Spa Hotel
Restaurant y Hotel Oceanic
Restaurant y Hotel Oceanic

One of the draws of Viña del Mar over Valparaiso is the access to the ocean, and you simply cannot get closer to the water than Hotel Oceanic. Built on the cliff edge, this hotel literally has waves lapping up against its foundation, and the windows in most rooms give you such a good view of the ocean you would have to stick your head out and look down to see anything but the beautiful blue water. Gorgeous interior furnishings and wood finishing gives this boutique hotel a homey, but luxurious feel.

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Coast © GraphicalBrain / Flickr

Hotel Vista Hermosa 26, Vina del Mar

Boutique Hotel
Quadruple Room
Quadruple Room | Courtesy of Hotel Vista Hermosa

Many of the buildings in Viña del Mar are trendy and unique-looking, making them difficult to place in a certain era. But Hotel VH is one of the buildings in town that has an unmistakable traditional look and feel, inside and out. Vista Hermosa (Beautiful View) has a few options within Viña del Mar, including VH 17, VH 26 and VH Chalet Suiza (Swiss Chalet) and are perfect options for travelling families as they are outside of the busy center, have many room and bed arrangements, but no matter your selection the homestyle furnishings make you feel exactly that—at home.

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Traditional, Family Friendly, Boutique
Quadruple Room Courtesy of Hotel Vista Hermosa

Hotel O'Higgins, Plaza Vergara


Live in Beverly Hills-style luxury only a short walk from the main plaza in Viña del Mar at the hotel named after one of the leaders of Chilean independence, Bernardo O’Higgins. This hotel has a quaint, relaxed feel in the rooms, and a pub-style bar on site, but offers that exciting, luxurious feeling outside in the beautiful garden while enjoying the pool, or during check in when you first arrive in the grand lobby.

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Domus Mare | Luxury Hotel, Vina del Mar

Sunset Coast
Sunset Coast | © Sergio BR / Flickr

Old fashioned, European luxury located in between Valparaiso and Viña del Mar, the Domus Mare hotel is an absolute gem. An architectural style that feels like a Sicilian mansion, this boutique hotel offers pristine interiors that offer the luxury of an older era, and some of the best private balconies you are going to find anywhere on the coast.

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Sunset Coast © Sergio BR / Flickr

Enjoy del Mar, San Martín

Casino Hotel
Enjoy Entrance
Enjoy Entrance | © Ben Bowes / Flickr

Enjoy Hotels are scattered all over Chile, and for good reason, as they provide everything in one location, including, as usual, the onsite casino. Located on a corner, this has water on either side, and is surrounded by beautifully-manicured, green gardens with a gorgeous outdoor patio for their restaurant, and a pool that allows you to do laps while peering out the enormous panoramic window at the ocean.

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Enjoy Entrance © Ben Bowes / Flickr