The Best Places to Buy Souvenirs in Santiago

Souvenirs | © erlucho / Shutterstock
Souvenirs | © erlucho / Shutterstock
Photo of Lucy Pierce
29 September 2017

Santiago has a wide variety of markets where you can buy a fabulous collection of traditional gifts and trinkets, all of which ooze colour and character, making great presents for friends and family and souvenirs of your trip.

Patio Bellavista

This patio in Bellavista has an abundance of restaurants and fine boutiques stocked with stunning, expensive silver jewellery. These pieces have been beautifully crafted and polished to make them stand out. You will also find clothing made of llama and cashmere, so if you’re looking for a really special treat, you may not be able to tear yourself away.

Bellavista, Santiago, Chile

Pueblito Los Domínicos

Located at the foothills of the Andes is Los Domínicos, easily accessible by Line 1, the red line. Once you arrive, you will know that you have escaped the manic centre of the city and you can visit the quaint artisan village, well known for its 200 stalls of traditional crafts. You will be able to find traditional Chilean sweets and medicinal herbs, too.

Los Dominicos, Santiago, Chile

Barrio Italia

Barrio Italia is Santiago’s cutest neighbourhood, lined with furniture stores, antique dealers and plenty of hip cafes. If you’re looking for some vintage Chilean novels, records, newspapers or cassettes, you’ll find huge collections here. Unfortunately, some of the beautiful antiques are rather large, and may prove a little tricky to get home!

Barrio Italia, Santiago, Chile

Antiques | © Engin Sezer / Shutterstock

El Persa Bío-Bío

This Chilean flea market is extremely popular, and thus very loud and busy, really showing a taste of Chilean day-to-day life. Street vendors in South America have a tendency to market their products by shouting, so if you were looking for peace and quiet, you’re in the wrong place. This market has everything from old Chilean novels, antiques, clothes and records to old mobile phones. There’s also a great selection of food here.

Persa Biobio, Placer 880, Santiago, Region Metropolitana, Chile

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