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The Best Budget Hostels in Arica, Chile

The Best Budget Hostels in Arica, Chile

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Updated: 4 December 2017

 With almost 365 days of sunshine in Arica, most travelers will hardly be spending any time indoors. So why pay over the top prices for accommodation? Chile is already known as being one of the more expensive places to travel in Latin America, and while the expenses increase, every ‘peso’ counts even more. Spend that money elsewhere and stay in one of Arica’s most cost-efficient hostels. 


El Morro de Arica | Will Lees / © Culture Trip

Arica Surf House

A unique, wooden, surf hut feel, the Arica Surf House lives up to its name. Dormitory beds are available but they also offer a selection of private rooms great for the solo traveler or small groups. And with a great cafe on site, it is a great place to start the day before heading out into town.

Hostel Sunny Days

If planning to spend a lot of time at the beach or outside the city, then Hostal Sunny Days might be the perfect place to stay. They claim to be a “home away from home,” and they might be on to something. This bed and breakfast style hostel is known for its relaxed feel, comfy beds, and even includes a complimentary breakfast, making it a great option to start and end the day.

Hosteling International Doña Ines

Also known as the ‘Hosteling International Casa de Huespedes,’ this very well equipped hostel sits at the back edge of Arica but offers very trendy decor and a vibe that epitomises the ‘youth hostel’ image. Look out for the beautiful wall art outside the hostel. Inside, people have the option to relax on hammocks, play table tennis or hang out in the courtyard and swap stories with other globetrotters.

Arica Street Art | Will Lees / © Culture Trip

La Siesta

Centrally located in Arica and positioned close to Chinchorro Beach, Paseo 21 de Mayo, and the main bus terminal, La Siesta offers some of the most affordable lodgings in Arica. Comfortable and cosy dormitory rooms are available alongside a selection of private rooms at great rates, and the staff is both very welcoming and helpful.

Hostal Colonial

Hostal Colonial is an example of the budget, boutique hotel style lodgings available at many Latin American ‘hostals’. Dorm rooms are obviously available but if in need of a private room but not wanting to pay hotel prices, Hostal Colonial offers affordable rates to help travelers spend their pesos elsewhere.

Hostal Colonial, Arica | Will Lees / © Culture Trip

Hostal Jardin del Sol

It is easy to pass by this modest ‘hostal’ so travelers are advised to keep their eyes peeled. The beautiful, bright, open patio area just behind the small entrance will surprise many upon entering, and the interesting decor is a delightful transition from the brick outside. Attentive staff ensure every stay is terrific with an in-depth knowledge of the area. Tours are also available at reception.

Hostal Pacifico

Affordable and cheerful, this well located, clean, petite hostel is one of the best places to call home while exploring Arica. After a long day at the beach, it also serves as a nice place to recharge the body for the next day. Needing something at the shop or a nice place to eat? Hostal Pacifico is less than 2 blocks from the the main walkway through the center of Arica which is home to many restaurants, shops, and markets.