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The Best Boutique Hotels in Valdivia, Chile

The Best Boutique Hotels in Valdivia, Chile

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Updated: 28 December 2017

After heading south from Santiago you will cross into what seems like another world – or at least another country – when entering into Chilean Patagonia. The air becomes crisp and spaces open up and are filled with towering trees and mountains. The towns themselves also make a drastic change from Hispanic influence to a very European style of architecture and layout, including the enchanting city of Valdivia, which is well worth a visit no matter the direction you are headed.

Hostal Borderio

A heritage home style property converted into a very comfortable, traditional hotel, Hostal Borderio is far from a hostel, as “hostal” down here refers to a boutique hotel, or a bed and breakfast styled accommodation. It features gorgeous old wood trimmed furniture in the common areas, but all the comfortable, modern furnishings inside each room, including an array of bed sizes that are plush no matter which you pick.

Hotel Puerta del Sur

A hotel that would be considered one of the grand boutique hotels, it has a very relaxed, cosy feel that you would expect from a cabin but many of the amenities a cabin would not provide. Also, being on the northside of Valdivia, it is peaceful once you exit the property, but with its large green areas and incredibly comfortable rooms you might not want to.

Hostal Marina Villa de Rio

A simply beautiful setting, the Marina Villa de Rio might look like a marina clubhouse sitting right on the water, but this boutique hotel is actually much larger and more grand than your first impression will lead you to believe. A welcome greeting awaits upon entering the hotel, and if you’re lucky, a view of the river does too from your room. This hotel uses its space brilliantly and has a pool, children’s area, and even a fitness center.

Casa Rio Vivo

If you want to feel like you’re relaxing in your own cottage or cabin, then Casa Rio Vivo fits the bill. About 15 minutes outside of the center of Valdivia, this house is no more than 15 steps away from the edge of the Valdivia River and acts as a one stop shop for those who want to get involved with the wilderness. Rent kayaks, go rafting, or just sit in your living room next to the fire and look out towards the river and forest on the other side of the glass and enjoy the view.


Garden and House | Courtesy of Casa Rio Vivo

Edificio Guadalauquen Valdivia

The Guadalauquen property is an Apart Hotel property, which is a converted apartment style layout for people who want to cook and feel at home while on vacation. If this place doesn’t do that, then it probably has you wondering why your home is not as nice. Modern furnishings and amenities meet with lodge style finishing to make this a very cosy, comfortable option in Valdivia.

Hotel Dreams Valdivia

Going against custom in Valdivia, this modern building looks like a metal sail caught in the strong breeze of southern Chile. The Dreams Hotel is also modern inside as they boast beautifully decorated rooms all with strong dark wooden trimmings, huge soft beds, and great natural light – it also has a casino on site if you are feeling lucky!

Hotel Naguilán

From the river, Hotel Naguilán looks as though it is directly on the water’s edge, as it is basically as close as it could be without getting wet and offers most rooms with a view of the water. The rooms inside are modern, clean, and comfortable with the outside architecture looking like that of an old manor estate, and the location is quiet, being a short walk south of the city center.