The Best Boutique Hotels in Concepción, Chile

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8 January 2018

Leaving Santiago, stray to the coast and you will eventually come across the city of Concepción, roughly 500 kilometers south of Chile’s capital. Even though Concepción has a population over 225,000, it does not have the feel of a city but more of a town that keeps expanding inland from the coast. It is your gateway to the south, with only a few more cities on your path before you reach Patagonia and the Carretera Austral. So enjoy a few days here, and stay in style and comfort with our top picks to get a good night’s rest.

Atton Concepción, Concepcion

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Corridor | © Tim Savage / Pexels

The Atton chains throughout Chile are a safe bet when selecting your hotel, as they have their consistent string of boutique-luxury, and quality down to a fine art. From the lobby to the rooms, their modern yet warm approach to their décor and construction ensures you will receive a clean, comfortable, welcoming room, usually with a great view and a good dose of natural light.

Concepcion Chile Centro | © Francisco Javier Gutierrez / Flickr
Corridor | © Tim Savage / Pexels

Sonesta Hotel Concepción, Concepcion

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Arrive in grand style to the Sonesta entrance, as the long drive runs along the fountains and arrives at the gorgeous lobby. This is a terrific option if you want a bit of luxury, peace and quiet, have a few days in the city, a rental car, and want to be poised to step out of your hotel and to the airport as it is located just down the road.

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  • Concepción Lagoon | © RL GNZLZ / Flickr

    Hotel Camilo Enriquez, Concepcion

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    Concepcion Lagoon
    Concepcion Lagoon | © RL GNZLZ / Flickr

    Hotel Camilo Enriquez provides the type of consistent quality you would expect from a global hotel chain, yet it is a small boutique hotel in the north west of the city, a short jaunt into the center that will satisfy all your needs, and some. Very comfy beds and quilts necessary to heat up after the wet blustery nights, and a good buffet breakfast included for you to fill up and head out.

    Neuromanagement Apartment Castellon, Concepcion

    Serviced Apartment, Apartment, Hotel
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    Hotel Bed
    Hotel Bed | © Stokpic / Pexels

    Maybe not the most marketable name for a hotel, but they have done a great job making this apartment-style property well equipped and comfortable for the independent traveler. Different room arrangements for varying group sizes, well-stocked kitchens for self catering, and beautiful, relaxing living rooms and entertainment areas.

    Hotel bed | © Stokpic / Pexels

    Hotel Romano, Concepcion

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    Arguably the best-located hotel in Concepción, if you want to be close to the center, Hotel Romano is more than “location, location, location,” as you can add modern, new, and cosy to the list of adjectives to describe this property. This little hotel is as close to the center as you could wish to be, as it is only around the corner from the city’s central plaza, Plaza de Independencia.

    Concepcion Night Lights | © lautaroj / Flickr

    Departamentos Don Teodoro

    Boutique Hotel, Serviced Apartment
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    Concepcion Night Lights
    Concepcion Night Lights | © lautaroj / Flickr

    Another option if you are traveling in a group, as a family, or simply like the equipped-apartment style of accommodation, you have another option with various room arrangements, including bunk beds for families with young kids, or travelers who are just young at heart, or have become completely accustomed to bunks. Either way, you will be able to get a great night’s sleep, have a kitchen to cook for yourself, and be within a few blocks’ walk to the center square.

    Welcome Home | © Pixabay / Pexels

    Hotel HD Concepcion, Concepcion

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    Welcome Home
    Welcome Home | © Pixabay / Pexels

    It is quite hard to miss the Hotel HD, as the acronym could stand for high definition with the light bouncing off the mirrored front, but instead, it stands for the previous name, Hotel Dorado. Perfectly located on one of the pedestrian streets just next to the center square, Hotel HD offers inner city-style hotel accommodation, a small fitness center, and breakfast included.