The Best Boutique Hotels in Arica, Chile

Hotel Arica | Will Lees / © Culture Trip
Hotel Arica | Will Lees / © Culture Trip
Photo of Will Lees
8 December 2017

The city of Arica in Chile has a small city center, and is rimmed with sand dunes to the east and the beautiful Pacific Ocean to the west; nothing towers over this city, other than the big cliff of El Morro. There are some great restaurants to eat at, enticing stores to shop at, and endless gorgeous beaches to sun yourself on. Luckily, there are some fabulous boutique hotels to rest in after a day of exploring this sunny city. Here are the best of them.

El Morro de Arica | Will Lees © Culture Trip

Savona, Arica

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Those who really want to make the most of the permanent sunshine in Arica will enjoy the beautiful patio at the back of Savona, as well as the sun-speckled pool. As the hotel is very close to the center, it takes no time to walk to and from the restaurants and the beach, if you fancy a change from the pool.

Hotel Samaña, Arica

4.1/5 (34 Reviews)
Entrance to Hotel Samana | Will Lees
Entrance to Hotel Samana |  Will Lees | © Culture Trip

Wedged into downtown Arica, the sliver that is the Hotel Samaña opens up into a spacious inside and offers a great location, clean, comfortable lodging, and easy access to the restaurants and shopping opportunities in Arica. Modest, cozy rooms offer a great place to relax after a day in the sun, and the darker interior is soothing to the eyes after a day in the sun.

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Hotel Gavina Express, Arica

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Step out of the lobby and you are on the main walkway and right in the heart of Arica, on the pedestrianized street 21 de Mayo, lined with restaurants, shopping, and street entertainment. Hotel Gavina Express offers location, location, location for those who want to be in the thick of it.

Aerial view of Arica center | © andrew campbell / Flickr

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  • Hotel Apacheta, Arica

    4.7/5 (76 Reviews)
    Hotel Apacheta
    Courtesy of Hotel Apacheta / Expedia

    This is one of the most unique hotels you will find, not only in Arica, but in South America. It has a very earthy design with beautiful raw-wood beams, and it is positioned right on the beach, offering many fantastic open views of the ocean. If you want peace and quiet, access to nature and the beach, and to treat yourself, this is your spot.

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    Hotel Le Prince, Arica

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    Le Prince Exterior | Will Lees
    Le Prince Exterior | Will Lees | © Culture Trip

    Hotel Le Prince, wedged between the older buildings of Arica, stands out like something imported from the future. Square and modern, both on the exterior and in its interior furnishings, Hotel Le Prince is a new, bright, clean hotel on a quiet side street, yet only a short walk from the center of everything.

    Aruma Hotel Boutique, Arica

    Hotel, Boutique Hotel
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    A great combination of modern style with comfortable, cosy furnishings, Aruma Hotel Boutique offers a clean, modern environment that makes your hotel room feel like a home away from home. With a great rooftop patio to relax on, you won’t be cooped up in your room, no matter how comfortable it is. It’s a great place to take in the sun, or have a drink and relax at night.

    Quaint Hotel exterior, Arica | © Randal Sheppard / Flickr

    Hotel Casa Beltran, Arica

    Boutique Hotel, Hotel
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    The simple, square, modern-looking exterior of this hotel belies an impressive, clean, crisp layout inside. Stunning wood floors, large comfortable beds, and a quaint bar all go to show that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Just one side street away from the main restaurants in the center of Arica, it’s in a prime location, too.

    Panamericana Hotel Arica, Arica

    Boutique Hotel, Resort, Hotel
    4/5 (70 Reviews)
    Hotel Arica Driveway | Will Lees
    Hotel Arica Driveway | Will Lees | © Culture Trip

    If you’re after resort-style accommodation, you can get it just around the corner from El Morro, right between Playa El Laucho and Playa La Lisera. Panamerica Hotel Arica, sometimes referred to simply as Hotel Arica, is a boutique-resort property that offers a beautiful patio, restaurant and pool right on the water’s edge, with a beach to your left and right, and still only a 10-minute walk from central Arica.

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    Chinchorro Suite Hotel Lodge, Arica

    Map View

    Outside of the center, and only a few blocks from Chinchorro Beach, the appropriately named Chinchorro Suite Hotel Lodge is a lodge-style building constructed of old wood. It’s a great hotel for beach lovers who will be spending a lot of time in the sea, sun, and sand. With a number of restaurants on the shoreline, you don’t even need to venture into the center to get a great meal.

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