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The 10 Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Santiago de Chile
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The 10 Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Santiago de Chile

Picture of Paula Zamorano Osorio
Updated: 9 February 2017
Vegetarians may be something of a rarity in Santiago de Chile, but there is no lack of vegetarian or vegan restaurants. Whether you are looking for traditional Chilean cuisine or something more international, there are plenty of restaurants with varied meat-free menus. Here is our list of the best.
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An unusual gem in Chile’s capital, Varanasí believes that there are memories to be made with food and the old mantra that ‘you are what you eat’. The menu offers soul food: mainly vegetarian and organic and loaded with spices for an amazing and unique flavor. With the help of their beautiful décor and occasional percussive live music, the incredible recipes will transport you to far away India in just one bite.

Varanasí, Avenida Manuel Montt 983, Santiago, Chile, +56 2 2379 0157

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Shakti is one of Santiago’s few 100% vegan restaurants, offering this niche gastronomy to the citizens and tourists of the city. The chefs pay the utmost attention to their innovative dishes, guided by their ethics, producing marvelous creations which are unparalleled in their mouth-watering flavor in the vegan field. The service is exceptional, with waiters giving careful attention to each customer without being overbearing. The open terrace provides a pleasant outdoor area; a relaxing place to enjoy Shakti’s vegan cuisine.

Shakti, Avenida Italia 1568, Santiago, Chile,+56 2 3202 6455

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La Casa del Sol

Located in the colorful, bohemian neighbourhood of Bellavista, La Casa del Sol fits in perfectly with this alternative scene without forgetting its Chilean roots. The restaurant provides vegetarians with a cultural and pleasant place to eat, where patrons can dine healthily in a carefully decorated and friendly dining-room. The quality of the food is representative of the care and attention given to each dish, and the waiters give a homely welcoming, making this restaurant particularly well-priced for its high standards.

La Casa del Sol, Antonia López de Bello 80, Bellavista, Santiago, Chile, +56 2 2735 1451

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El Huerto

El Huerto is a long-established restaurant, whose experienced owners invite customers to try their delicious and beautifully presented dishes in an artistic and musical environment. The restaurant’s bright and light atmosphere makes it a popular meeting-place, with a superb menu which offers a variety of tasty international cuisines; there is sure to be a dish for everyone at El Huerto. Additionally, the service is very friendly and fast, although not pushy, so if you are pressed for time, this is the place to go.

El Huerto, Orrego Luco 054, Providencia-Stgo, Santiago, Chile, +56 2 2231 4443

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The food here is highly praised for its fresh ingredients and unbeatable flavour. On Quinoa’s menu you’ll find an extensive list of Mediterranean cuisine suitable for vegetarians, with a selection of courses for any part of the day. Regarding drinks it is only possible to buy soft drinks, (due to the fact that there is an educational establishment opposite the restaurant) so they allow customers to bring their own alcoholic drinks at the small fee of 3,500 pesos. This is an extremely popular restaurant, so reservation is recommended but for those who can’t find a table, there’s always the take-out.

Quinoa, Luis Pasteur 5393, Vitacura, Santiago, Chile, +56 2 9540 283

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Holm Ensaladería

As the name suggests, Holm Ensaladería specializes in salads and is ideal for a light lunch. Their quality ingredients lead to excellence in their cooking, along with a quick service behind the counter. This is a self-service ensaladería, so it is easy to see what is on offer, and customers are also able to prepare their own salads to suit individual tastes. Holm Ensaladería is popular not only for its huge range of innovative salads, but it is constantly praised for its fruit juices, as well as sandwiches, which are made with deliciously fresh bread.

Holm Ensaladería, Padre Mariano 125 | Providencia, Santiago, Chile, +56 9 4227 4411

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Planta Maestra

Planta Maestra offers much more than just the restaurant experience, providing a shop and a peaceful reading area for its clientèle. However, the menu at the restaurant is a simple but versatile compilation of delectable Oriental and Mediterranean cuisines, with a touch of Chilean influence in its recipes. The restaurant is proud of its menu of the day too, which gives customers a daily novelty, as well as its generous portions, leaving customers feeling happy and satisfied after a pleasant and hearty meal.

Planta Maestra, Antonio Varas 1370, Providencia, Santiago, Chile

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El Patio Esmeralda

Having refurbished a former theater from the 1830s, the restaurant El Patio Esmeralda is dedicated to providing food which adheres to their principles and ethics against animal cruelty, while also supporting the urban arts movement of the city. Located within a beautiful space, El Patio Esmeralda is a charming restaurant, decorated with pictures and photographs to brighten the mood, where you can enjoy delicious vegetarian favorites, including stone-baked pizzas. A select drinks menu is available, providing a refreshing accompaniment alongside your choice of dish for an all-round pleasurable evening.

El Patio Esmeralda, Esmeralda 728, Santiago Centro, Santiago, Chile

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Simple but tasty, Soju’s food is popular with the locals for its homely recipes. The daily lunchtime queues outside are evidence that this is a place worth trying. Whether you want a cooked meal or simply a sandwich or pastry, this central restaurant serves it all at a very reasonable price. At Soju there is a happy hour too: Monday to Friday from 6pm until 9pm, with tempting offers so that customers can try national drinks at a cut price; nobody makes a Pisco sour like Soju!

Soju, Galería Santiago, local 17, entry either via Merced 821 or via San Antonio 434, Santiago, Chile, +56 2 2638 8562

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Green Vitality

Green Vitality is the ideal vegetarian and vegan restaurant when you are pressed for time or short on money. Another advantage is that the restaurant is easily accessible, since it is located right in the city center, close to all the main sights. Offering large portion sizes, tasty dishes and fast service, this is a staple restaurant for any vegetarian or vegan in Santiago.

Green Vitality, Teatinos, 432, Santiago, Chile